Weekend Gossip Vol. 8 – Was it really Ek Thi Daayan?

I am a really big darpok!! Anything remotely psychological or horror makes me run away from the place and close my eyes tightly! But, then, some very interesting kind of scary movies spook my interest. One such was the trailer of this movie.
Have to say that its first half is really really amazing! I closed my eyes many times and missed a lot of scenes. The kids were amazing and there is a baby girl in the movie who is just beautiful :) And, kudos to Konkona. She is such an amazing and flawless actor.

Yes, the best part of the movie is just her. And, if you have searched for the reviews of the movie online, they are all correct. The first half of the movie is spooky and its a downhill after that! The climax is said to be amazing at many places but honestly it falls flat on the face.

It is just predictable and hilarious!! Some of the action scenes are borrowed from chinese flicks and some from True Blood. Nothing was remotely scary and in fact you end up gritting your teeth for some action.
But, have to watch the movie for the first half and Konkona. That is gonna be in your mind for a long time even after coming out of the movie. She looks beautiful and her eyes are so expressive; overall a deliciously thrilling package.
Oh, I forgot to mention about the soundtrack. Don’t miss the song which plays during the credits in the starting of the movie. And, then, there is Kaali Kaali Aankhon ka Kaala Kaala Jadoo Hai which gets on your lips by the end. And, then, there is a really haunting background score specially associated with Daayans.  
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