Skinetica Anti Blemish Solution {Product Review}

Product Review by Punam
I was super excited when I received this solution from skinetica as I have oily, acne prone skin and the brand claims to reduce acne in 2-3 days. IS this really true? Let’s find out!
Price: £9.99 (Rs 840) for 100 ml

Purified water, Ethyl Alcohol, Fragrance, Quaternary Ammonium Chloride

My husband told me that Quaternary Ammonium Chloride is an anti-microbial which kills the bacteria.

My Experience

In a nutshell, its one of the nicest product I have used till now for my oily acne prone skin! It did reduce my acne to 50% in 3 days. It comes in a simple white bottle with a green flip flop cap that may leak if not kept straight.

It smells completely like any chemical would smell and initially it was strong for me but gradually either I got habituated or it became mild. Its consistency and texture is like regular water, transparent and runny.

It has to be applied like a regular toner with a cotton pad. As soon as I apply this, it gets absorbed into my skin with out making it dry. I started using it in last week of February when it was still colder and I expected it to dry my skin but it did not. I apply this after washing my face and my skin is good without a moisturizer. But I still use a moisturizer as a habit. 
I have two types of acne – cystic and tiny ones on my forehead. This solution was effective on my cystic acne and reduced their size in 3 – 4 days to 50-60% on using it twice daily. It had no effect on blackheads or tiny acnes on the forehead, though.

As a rule, my skin gets really oily in summers. But, right now my face is not that oily. So, may be this product is helping! I have stopped using it from last 10 days and I can still feel less oil. 
One more important thing which I noticed was that before and during my periods, I did not breakout which I usually do! And, the only new thing in my routine was this product. So, may be this actually controls bacteria!
Overall my experience with this product was good and I have noticed improvement in my skin texture as well. It is actually an effective solution to reduce acne.

PS: Product sent by brand. Thanks a lot Punam for such a lovely review! 


  1. Anonymous says

    Hi! I am interested in this product as just two months ago I started to get pimples and it keeps coming back. I have tried few brands and types of solution and cream but it seems not to work on my skin. I am living in Qatar. Do you know I can get this product over the counter in local pharmacy here in Doha?

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