Should you use body powder on face? {Your Opinion}

Ok, so, this was a question asked to me a long time back by a reader. She had asked me if she could use the body powder on the face. I don’t even remember what I replied to her. But, I wanted to take up this topic as a post. Why? Because, I remember what I used to do till a couple of years back.

Now, I remember from my childhood that whenever me and my mom used to get ready to go out somewhere, she would always complain my face was looking a bit oily and would ask me to use some powder on face. There used to be face puffs on the dressing table and mom and me used to puff the face with powder. That’s nostalgic with the aroma of Pond’s dreamflower talc in a foot long tin dabba, remember?

And, then, I used to get all the powder inside my nose and it irritated me for quite sometime!! But, now after these many years and with a lot more awareness, I can safely say body powder should not be used as a face powder. In fact, the body powder which irritates the mucous membranes in the nose should not be used for the body either. Inhaling just anything is as toxic for the body. And, then, these days we have all the scare of body powders having talc which is magnesium silicate which is claimed to be cancerous.

And, also, body powders are not as finely milled as face powders so they do look patchy and then you do not have tints in the body powders. And, then mineral makeup came claiming it has everything friendly for skin. But, unfortunately, it is expensive and did not suit everyone!

PS: Oh btw, did you know that there are colored face powders like yellow, purple, green, lavender, peach, mauve and white and may be many more! They are used for different types of imperfections like dark circles and uneven skin tone among others.

Anyways, what do you use? Have you ever tried body powder on face? Or, you strictly stick to loose powders?
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  1. says

    hi swati
    i was the one who asked u if i can use ponds sandal talc on face and u didnt reply can you please tell me which powder shd be used on face to avoid oily skin esp in summer

    • says

      hey Fatima…I am so sorry for not replying to you!!! i would suggest you to get a compact or loose powder instead. The body shop is good but little expensive. I got one from Faces which was mineral but it is also ok. if you are looking for something very inexpensive, then you can for lakme. heard good reviews about them!!!

  2. Yuuki says

    Where can we get that colored face powder, i knew about the existence of those powders but i just don’t know where i can get it, would you mind share some information? please..

    • says

      i do not know if they are available in indian brands but some international ones have like La Splash or La Colors…sorry, do not know much about the brands :(

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