My tryst with Natural Shampoos – Some Random Product Reviews – Part V

So, I have finally used 3 SLS-free shampoos and I decided to put up some words about them. One thing before starting. Please do not expect natural products to perform just like commercial products. They may be better or worse in their own ways.

Soul Tree Triphala Hair Revitalizing Shampoo

Price: Rs 350 for 200ml
My Experience
I had used this shampoo way back in last September and I was really excited to try it out. But, unfortunately, it failed to meet my expectations!! It was drying for my hair and it also did not clean the oil, oil applied on the hair not the natural oil.
Neev Olive Neem Shampoo

Price: Rs 85 for 100ml
My Experience
I finished this product just last month. For a change, it was way better in experience than the previous one. It did not dry my hair a lot and it cleansed the hair well, if oil was not applied on the hair. Hair was bouncy and soft after the wash. 
click on picture to enlarge to read text clearly!

But, it cleanses only little of the applied oil which was sad. But, it lathers really well and smells of rosemary. And, I used to use it on the days when I was in hurry and had no time to oil my hair!
Organic Surge Moisture Boost Shampoo

Price: Rs 625 for 250ml
My Experience
The only answer to this product is I am liking it. And, it has been the best of all the shampoos I have used till date. But, unfortunately, no shampoo has answer to my dry hair :(

It lathers really well with a very less amount of product. And, the quantity is enough to remove the dirt and dust. The best part is it removes the oil, howsoever quantity you might have applied and you do not have to use the shampoo more than twice!

click on picture to enlarge to read text clearly!

Ok, one problem is with packaging. The shampoo starts leaking out as soon as you open the fliptop so it has to be stored properly; upside down! Also, it does give a subtle shine but you have to use the conditioner. Sadly, I did not get the conditioner with it.

Damn, it is expensive!! But, it does last long. Oh yes, I forgot to mention, if you skip the conditioner it makes the hair little frizzy which is sad. Otherwise, it is a decent shampoo which can be given a try!!

Get it from flipkart:

What about you? Have you tried using SLS-free shampoos? How do you like it?
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  1. Vidhi V says

    Hey… I too only use SLS free shampoo’s and yes I too have dry hair ends! :(( Have you tried L’occitane? by far the BEST SLS free shampoo… but can be a bit too expensive :( Also try ORGANIX morrocan argan oil or Macademia range they are good too (both priced at around 550) :)

    • says

      hey Vidhi…yeah i don’t want to think about L’occitane…it not bit but way too expensive 😀
      for now, organic surge is suiting me so sticking to it but yeah heard good things about macadamia range! do not know how organix fares though! where is macadamia and organix range available in india???

    • says

      hey Preeti…as far as i know, you can get any brand on but i do not know about any Indian site selling macadamia range but you should check out goodlife.

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