My Hair Diary – March 2013

getting snaps of my hair is damn difficult on the new cam!

So, another month gone! And, this month I was pretty diligent about my hair :) So, yay to that! But, unfortunately I am not as diligent on the posts so you would be missing the posts on Tuesday and Thursdays and weekends. And, I have yet to reply to comments!

What I did?
Moving on, I have been using Organic Surge. Coming up soon with the review. But, I am loving it for now. Its the only SLS-free shampoo I have used till now which actually cleansed the entire oil from the hair and made the hair pretty soft.
Next come the DIY’s I did this month. Well, I did get inspired by my friend and tried to take more care of the hair. I got musk root and used it with yogurt as much as possible. And, I used parachute advansed hot oil almost every time I washed the hair. But, not every time! 
yeah, that’s my hair just after washing without any serum or conditioner!

And, the next thing I followed this month was using Grapeseed oil with Rosemary EO on scalp and Pomegranate oil on the hair as an after-wash hair serum. But, one thing I had neglected was conditioner. I hardly used conditioner. 
One thing I noticed about my hair was that I was losing more of my hair if I did not wash it within two days and then it was getting itchy and very dirty. Well, this is what even my colleague complained. She told me that if even a little of sweat gets accumulated on her scalp, she starts losing hair and gets really itchy. And, if she is washing her hair daily, its behaving nicely! Yeah, the question is should we wash our hair daily? Let’s see!!
Products Used
  • Shampoo – Organic Surge Moisture Boost
  • Leave-in and Scalp Treatment – Soulflower Grapeseed Oil with Rosemary EO + Soulflower Pomegranate Seed Oil
  • Hair Oil – Parachute Hot Oil Treatment
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    • says

      yeah…i am so irritated as to how to prevent dryness :( i have been doing so much this month but guess nothing is really working out on that scene!
      doing the review asap :)

    • says

      hey Poohkie….i can’t really comment on how the oils are really doing coz i haven’t seen anything good or bad yet :) grapeseed oil is really non-oily and you can definitely try it once!

  1. Anonymous says

    hey hi swati.
    i am 31 years old. my hairs are rough n dull.
    what it makes silky n shiny.plz suggest me somthing

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