How do you perceive people with fairness products in their hands? {Your Opinion}

Hey Everyone! Welcome to a brand new week :) And, I am trying to stay a little regular this week. So, lets raise a toast for that!
Anyways, I ran out of my face wash and since I was too lazy to go to the supermarket, I just went to the general store downstairs in the complex and bought the one face wash they had!
And, guess what, it was Pond’s White Beauty Facial Foam. I bought it because it has no SLS. But, I did not take any poly bag to carry the items being eco-conscious :)

Now, when I was walking back, it struck me suddenly that what would people think of me seeing the White Beauty face wash in my hands. Not that I am too bothered about what others think but it sounded interesting to read about how you perceive such people!
I think its a very natural thing that if we find fairness products in someone’s hands, we automatically check out their complexion and judge whether they really need those products or not! And, if they are even a bit darker, we do think they are interested in getting fair!
But, what would you think about a lady or girl carrying such products? Do you judge them? Or, try to check out their complexion and whether they really need fairness products? Or, do you just ignore it thinking it must have been the only product available in the shop they had to pick up!
What do you say?
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  1. says

    i never judge a person like that..i dont even for me it doesnt matter if a person picks a whitening product or something else :) i dont think people have the time for it..

  2. kofykat says

    Considering that I am one who uses fairness products to remove my tan and not actually lighten my natural colour I would think the same. But I have received scorning looks from really fair girls when they see a detanning pack in my basket

  3. L says

    1. I dont notice people that much
    2. If someone wants to lighten their skin , its their skin ..their choice. who are we to preach “dont try to change SHOULD stay the way you were born and LIKE it.” we dont get to choose anything while being born .
    who are we to frown if they want whiter skin and go for fairness product ? ? if you dont like it , dont buy it . as simple as that . whether these products work or utter lie , im not going for that..thats a different topic .

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