Horses have Split Ends too!!

Have you met Kini and her Black Beauty? Oh, they are the darlings of everyone! Even if you want to hate them, you can’t. They are just so adorable that they would take away your heart with the innocence in the eyes and happiness in the smile. But, when you are so lovable, you would stand a sore sight for some eyes!

Kini loves to ride Black Beauty day and night. And, she loves long gallops, come sun or rain! And, when you love so much of outdoors, its inevitable that the effects would be visible on you. Not that the rosy cheeks did not use to glow with the rush of blood, but both Kini and Black Beauty were getting the brunt of wind and sun on their hair and skin.

The green eyes full of jealousy were quick to see the imperfections cropping up in Kini and Black Beauty. Their skin was drier and tanned and their hair was all frizzy and all over the place. But, these sights were more cuddly for others who loved them. One day it so happens that there was a horse race in the town and of course, Kini and Black Beauty had to win it. But, at the end of the match, due to the opponents deception, Black Beauty took a stumble and rolled over along with Kini.

The result was a mud-covered, hay-wired Kini and Black Beauty who found themselves subject of all the sniggers. A dejected Kini rode back home and when she got all cleaned up found her hair to be absolutely rough and dry like a broom with so many splits. Black Beauty fared no better. Even she had splits and her chestnut glossy locks poked into Kini’s cheeks.

Kini has a habit which I have not yet disclosed. She is crazy after the Bollywood actresses and from time to time impersonates one or the other ladies. So, if it is Kareena month, she would use all her product endorsements right from the soap to makeup and if it is Aishwarya, the products would change accordingly. And, in the crisis, she depended on her darlings for rescue. On she went to the mall and bought all the products endorsed by her favorite heroines which was practically a lot of products.

And, then started her woes. None of the products worked on her and month after month she was tired of getting her hair trimmed to get rid of the splits but they would come back again and again! And, her hair was getting shorter and more drier. And, worse still, she could at least get her hair cut but what would she do to black beauty. She started testing the products and only if she was satisfied would she use anything on Black Beauty.

But, no miracle happened. The most promising ones failed. Finally, Kini’s mom took matter into her hands. And, after one shower, Kini found her hair to be super soft and super shiny. Kini was so amazed that she went screaming in her excitement to her mom and gave Black Beauty a luxurious bath with her mom’s help. A few more washes and a month and her hair had no splits yet. One more month and her hair was back to feeling lot softer than it had in the past few months. And, so was Black Beauty’s!

When she and Black Beauty were back to their old self, Kini asked her mom about the magic formula. And, then her mom replied, “I have always trusted in my daughter’s choices so I used your own formula. The only difference is I believed in what real women said and endorsed instead. Dove Split End Rescue System is the answer. And, guess what, it not only worked on you but also cured Black Beauty’s splits!”


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