Do you use moisturizer in summers? {Your Opinion}

Ok, I will be a very bad beauty blogger if I say no! But, the sad truth is yes, I am not using moisturizer these days, neither on face or body! It is so damn hot and my exposure to air conditioning is quite minimal.

In the morning, my routine is to apply the sunscreen right after stepping out from shower. I am using MVO Moisturizing Face Screen which needs an oil base to go smoothly on skin. But, even if I apply a drop of oil, my skin turns out oily after 10 minutes so I found out a new base to apply. I am using Maybelline on the face instead of only the eyes as it is meant for! Honestly, it is totally matte and blends really well with the skin giving me a smooth base for the sunscreen application. And, finally, my skin is not THAT oily either at the end of the ritual.

And, at night or in the evening, I use coconut oil to remove the sunscreen so I slather it in a decent quantity for 5 minutes and remove with a tissue paper. And, go for a face wash. After that, IF I feel like which is not quite often, I wipe my face with a toner which totally makes the skin feel heavy! So, no place for any mositurizer.
And, the story of a body lotion is altogether different, laziness being the foremost reason. And, I think I was using Nivea for dry skin couple of days back which was in March probably. And, obviously, it was not a great choice for summers! It made my skin feel really sticky so I started skipping the entire routine instead of just changing the product! Now, I am using a lighter lotion but I still do not use it everyday.

Btw, someone told me Vaseline Aloevera is a decent choice right now in Hyderabad weather. I was thinking of getting it but have not yet implemented the thought! I thought at least a small bottle would serve as a hand cream but nope! I am using the Vaseline cocoa butter which my friend has in the office which is obviously again not a great choice!

Btw, which hand cream are you using? Or, are you using it? If you are not, I have to say that at the very least keep on moisturizing your hands because they get extremely dry because of all the work they do and the constant washing they undergo! I had stopped moisturizing my hands totally till few days back and I realized they were looking so 70-year old!! So, that is something one has to do consistently. Now, my hands are a little better.

I know not moisturizing is a cardinal sin when it comes to skin care and would never ever ask you to resort to it. But, then I got thinking what exactly is necessary at this point? Moisturization or Hydration? Are they both different? My skin does get dry! It is not like its a pan of oil but somehow it ends up getting hydrated from inside so I don’t really feel uncomfortable. Then, do I need moisturization in such a case?

Now, its your TURN! What do you do? Do you also skip your moisturization due to heat or humidity or laziness? Or, you try to follow the routine religiously whether you feel dry or NOT?
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  1. EVE-O-LUTION says

    even I have oily combo skin & in summers there’s a film of oil every few hrs.
    A witch hazel toner is my best frnd then,
    & i found the lightest gel moisturizer so I use that now.

  2. says

    – summers are where I bring in Lacto Calamine in my CTM__oily skinned and all, see. And then I go on with my HG sunscreen: Lotus’ 3-In-1 matte(spf 40) and then maybelline BB stick which has additional spf properties of factor 21.
    At night it’s just Lacto Calamine__I don’t know why it lightens my tan a bit o_O

    Vaseline cucumber & aloe(green-wala dabba :p) is very summer apt but yeah, fails for drier skin. If you like want to splurge a bit for your body, try The Body Shop purees(lotions). They worked for me. Or test stuff there. And Neutrogena sunblock spray for suncreen on my body :)

    I use The Body Shop hand creams. They work like a dream. My hand gets super scaly-dry-like in summers and yep, they’re helping. I’m currently using the Wild Rose variant.

    • says

      hey Ishy…aah…yup i want to use lactocalamine but then i shift to something else or the other 😀 now that u have reminded me, i shall get it asap!

      just one thing, the BB creams do not really provide any sun protection so do not think that it would add on the spf over the lotus sunscreen!! spf’s of the product do not add up.

      yup even my hands are getting scaly but i am using some or the other lotion regularly now so its fine but i have noticed that more time i spend typing the more dry my fingers are!

  3. says

    Oh I got this neutrogena oil free one . . and its a saver. I got these dry patches due to acne and scar treatment I’ve been doing, and these babies make my skin soooo happy :)

  4. Anonymous says


    Im neelam,im 26… mere sath problem ye he k muze khana banane k liye 1-2hrs tak gas stove k pas khade rehna padta h,jisase meri skin ka color down hot ja rha he or skin un-even ho gai he or sath hi skin pe glow bhi nhi rah he ab….hath bhi bahu dark hone lage he…. plz suggest me some useful homemade remedy…

    May i use olive oil+lemon juice on my face daily?
    or may i use rose water+glycerine+lemon juce daily?

  5. Anonymous says

    Hello swati…
    I use Oriflame products for skin and hair… can u plz tell me that orifame is better or not?
    What about Amway??????

  6. Adrienne says

    I use coconut oil all the year round. Its totally natural and works a dream especially in summer. Hydration is also important as only a few percent dehydration will affect your skin in summer when its hot.

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