Do you think air makes your hair dry? {Your Opinion}

I have still not got out of that non-blogging mode. If you are a blogger, take my heed. Its dangerous. Even if you are not publishing them, just keep writing the posts to stay in practice or otherwise you might end up turning lazy and not do anything! 

Anyways, this question was prompted by my colleague last evening. She has curly and rough hair and her hair is really difficult to manage being a lot frizzy as well. She loves caring for her hair and she has been giving me quite some tips, some of which I totally agree with!

So, she observed yesterday that even if she sits in front of the fan, her hair starts turning rough! Yes, you would already know wind makes the hair a lot dry so when you are traveling, even if it is a public transport, hair does turn dry and gets tangled, right? At least, mine does.

But, she is right. Sitting right in front of the fan or under the fan will also turn your hair dry. Now, why it is so is something I can not say but it might be with the dry air. If the air is dry, it will try to suck the moisture from anywhere. So, if you are sitting right in front of the air, your moisture would be the first to get sucked up, I guess! Sounds really vampire-ish 😀
Anyways, if you are present in dry climate, you would notice your hair getting drier anyways, howsoever much you might try. And, that happens with best of the hairs. Only, their damage is a little less noticeable in the beginning. Same thing goes to air conditioning. Do not let your hair or skin get too used to it! 
So, what do you think? Have you noticed your hair getting dry?
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