Do you get boils on your nose bridge or around in summers? {Your Opinion}

This question is primarily for people who wear glasses. Do the nose pads irritate your skin?
Come summers and this problem gets aggravated for me. The sweat and the heat and constant pressure on the bridge of the nose due to the nose pads creates little bubbles or boils on the skin. And, it constantly hurts me.
The only relief I get is by removing the specs but since I do not use contacts it is definitely difficult. If I sit in air conditioning or in a cool place, it provides little relief. But, if the area has been already inflamed, it hardy helps!! The only remedy to this problem is to remove the glasses and use ice on the boils! And, applying aloevera also helps.
Have you ever faced such problem? What do you do to prevent skin from getting inflamed by friction?
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