Do you find more dirt on your neck than face? {Your Opinion}

Hey! So, following the Clinique 3-step skin care system I have been almost regularly using a toner. I am loving it because it hydrates my skin and I get to remove the dead skin cells also with it. You should definitely check out what Paris talks about exfoliation while toning. 

So, yes, since I have read her post and that was the same time I got to use the Clinique products, I decided to continue with the toning part. Right now, I am using Paul Penders which is an Australian brand. Anyways, coming back to the topic, I apply toner in the morning and evening both.
Now, I have noticed that in the morning even after washing my face, the cotton pad turns gray in color while wiping the toner and in the evening, it turns brown depending on whether my face got cleansed well or not otherwise sometimes it also turns gray.  
What’s gray and brown? Gray are the dirty dead skin cells and brown is the left-over makeup and in my case sunscreen. So, it also becomes a good reason to double cleanse your face and neck instead of just using a face wash.
But, I have noticed consistently that more dirt is on the neck area than the face. I do not know why it would be so because I cleanse my face and neck equally while having the shower and I use my face cleanser till the décolletage! Have you ever face such an issue?
PS: Writing a post after so long feels really weird! I have been absent from the blog because of some issues and deadlines. And, now that I am back, I would like to remind you that I have rescheduled my timings. I shall be posting only three times a week – Monday, Wednesday and Friday. I want to follow this routine slowly and get back on track! Thanks a punch for your patience :) And, yes, I remember I have to reply for the comments and the queries.
So, what do you say? Does your neck look more dirtier than the face?
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  1. Revathy says

    i too feel exactly the same.. more dirt in the neck than the face…

    is it probably because of the neck fold n clothing around the neck..? i wonder why?

  2. Alan says

    Very interesting. I noticed this too when I’m cleaning this area. I also tend to get a lot of acne centered around my neck. I’ve never tried cleaning twice in this area, so your tip about cleansing twice is a very good idea!

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