Do you apply Egg on Hair? {Your Opinion}

Hey Everyone! I know I am not being regular with the posts so please bear with me. So, today, I wanted to discuss a very stinky topic. Now, I love watching videos on hair care and reading home remedies for hair care. But, more often than not, you would find egg to be almost one of the best remedies for healthy hair.

Now, I perfectly agree with that because I myself have tried it and I totally love it. But, there is a huge catch with Egg. The Smell. Yeah, you all know how awesome it smells! And, now I am not able to bear it. And, my whole room and bathroom starts stinking so I am not able to use it anymore.
I have been applying curd very regularly in March but sadly it is not helping with the hair dryness. I don’t know what’s wrong with it because curd works fantastically. And, I do use homemade curd not the yogurts available outside. And, still no benefits. And, I have been seriously thinking of switching to egg. It does help hair dryness and provides nourishment.

But, how to avoid the smell? Well, first is Essential Oils. May be they will work unless egg is so powerful that it will overpower the goodness of EO’s ๐Ÿ˜€ Ok, second, I heard in one of those home remedy videos that lemon juice helps reduce the stink from egg. Well, I do not know how true it is but seems worth a try. But, there is another catch. Lemon makes the hair extremely dry, at least for me. So, I tend to avoid it. 
Or, may be, I would try using egg with musk root this time. And, that would be a working day so that I don’t have to bear the egg smell all day long. It would dissipate till the time I am back. Only my maid would be cursing me ๐Ÿ˜€ Or, it is also said that if you mix egg with henna, it doesn’t stink. So, probably I might go ahead and check out either of the remedies. 
What about you? Do you apply egg on your hair? Can you bear the stink or you take some steps to reduce the stink? Would love to hear your remedies :)
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  1. Anonymous says

    I actually used egg for a while until for some reason i was getting a bit of a rash on my face for using it..but i found that if you mix it with olive oil, yogurt, a squeeze of lemon…its usually fine…i kind of found the smell of olive oil to be too annoying :)

    • says

      oh my gosh…you also faced the same issue??? one of my friend also went through it after which she has stopped using egg altogether. i have never used olive oil so no idea about the smell but yes lemon juice reduces the stink of egg!

  2. says

    Egg even with heena stinks! So, make sure that you do not let it dry and keep it wet throughout the time. Cover your head with a shower cap to prevent it from drying. This helps a bit to keep the smell down.

  3. Anonymous says

    i found this remedy online somewhere.
    to remove egg smell.
    dilute vinegar with water and apply on hair o skin . smell will go
    i tried it on my hands after applying egg on my sis’s hair as well as on her hair. it worked wonderfully. also i kept the ratio 1:1.
    hope it helps.

    • says

      yes that is true. vinegar is quite overpowering in its smell and removes all other smells but vinegar is very drying for hair so it should be used sparingly!

  4. says

    i used to use egg white mask to tighten my skin.. i used a real nice hair egg protein from India which was cheap and exquisite but i only found it in Singapore Little India.
    I think lemon bleaches the hair. I’ve heard that apple cider vinegar cleans the scalp.
    i want to try egg on my hair too cos i have heard good things about it. my hair is below my waist now so quite long and i like to keep it real healthy. i use minerals and it darkens my hair and thickens the shaft.

  5. Vidhi V says

    I regularly use eggs on my hair… I mix olive oil, honey and egg… mixing these does reduce the smell to an extent but not much… though after seeing the results I really dont mind the sting! :)

  6. Anonymous says

    egg white part is applied on hair or yellow me bit confuse .. plzz anyone do help me out ….

  7. says

    I apply a mixture of egg, olive oil, curd and honey and I only use the egg white. The smell is almost nil especially if you use 1 day old curd. The only smell you’ll get is of sour curd! ๐Ÿ˜‰ Avoid the yellow if you dont want the smell. The yellow is more moisturizing than the white, but the stink of yellow doesn’t even go away after a wash!

    • says

      yes egg white does not smell much! but then curd also smells ๐Ÿ˜€ i have dry hair so need nourishment because of which yellow is unavoidable ๐Ÿ˜€

  8. says

    And what abt falling problem??……….does the mixture of curd and egg helps to fight hair fall..or its just moisturise hair only……will it b helping for hair fall and hair growth……
    Plz help me……

  9. says

    After reading this post I decided to give one last try to apply hair mask on my dry, brown, lifeless hair. This time I added, juice of lemon and a little olive oil and viola! Smell gone by 85%. Hair feels so good. thanks all you lovely women! I also happen to be a content writer and have got content for an article based on personal experience. Wonderful! Wonderful! Thanks!

  10. himani says

    I m vry sad for my hair..its fully damag n do muhhe mre hairs m fangus lag gya tha to mne 1 year treatment kiya thn uske bd mre hair white ho gye mai bht parshn hu kya kru kya ni :(

  11. varsha says

    hey..i have got hair fall, dry hair, less growth, spilt ends…completely unhealthy hair…
    do u only egg mask would work on it?? and applying onion juice for growth..
    can these both be done in a same week on alternate days or with some time gap…plz help me with it

  12. Isha Pherwani says

    Instead of stinky, messy raw eggs, it is so much easier to use egg oil without any risk of rashes or salmonella infection. There is absolutely no smell and it is so much more convenient. Since I am a working girl, I could use eggs only on Sundays and my hubby always used to crib. Egg oil, I can use any day of the week, leave it on overnight and wash it off in the morning like any regular oil.
    Have you tried it? It’s available on Flipkart and Purplle.

  13. Vidhi W says

    Hi I read all d reviews of egg mask..I have recently done straightening for my hair…but d same problem again m getting new growth which is very fizzy and dry n too much curly unmanageable….
    Please suggest whether I can use egg mask for my straighting hair… N should I use only white part or d yolk also…and should use it before washing my hair also to keep it for how many minutes…..

  14. tv91 says

    Every three days, i will find myself the time to do hair masker using henna, egg and honey. The results are awesome. My hair is less frizzy,smooth, and most importantly, my hair loss reduced to the maximum. I m only experiencing two to three strands of hair fall. I tried it for two times only. I m satisfied with the results.i will practice using this hair masker for two months, and let you all know the results.

  15. Priti says

    Hi.I hav frizzy,thick,dry hair.m tired of my damaged hair.I wnt to use egg bt not vry sure abt d tym gap.many women had complaints abt skin allergy on their face.plz help.

  16. Priti says

    Hi.I hav frizzy, dry,thick hair.n it’s vry difficult to manage.I wnt to use egg bt not sure of hw frequently I shud b applying it as many women had complaints abt skin allergy. Plz help.

  17. anonymous says

    Even i am using this egg really nourishes ur remove that stink what i do is a simple trick..after washing off the mask just wash ur hair again with ur shampoo..atlast take one liter of water add 2 tablespoon vinegar or lemon either of ur choice..add some drops of oil..keep in mind that oil have some special fragrance that u may not remove the smell completely..but reduces the stink to a far really worked on my hair..i have been doing the same for about 2-3 months.

  18. keerti says

    i have applied egg mask to my hair and even after washing it am unable to bear its stinky smell.. please please suggest me some easy tips

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