Blogging Series Vol. 8 – Read and Reread the Posts!

This is one of the most important tips when you are blogging. This is something I used to not really focus on earlier because I think there was no preview option when I started blogging or may be I was too lazy. 
But now that I have that option, I always keep on checking how the final post looks and accordingly I can make the adjustments to the pics sizes and correct any spelling and grammatical mistakes which always occur.

Keeping a check on how the final product looks shows that you are more serious about blogging. And, good language is very very essential. Otherwise, it can be a huge turnoff for people. No one likes excessive grammatical or spelling mistakes. One or two per post is forgivable but if it keeps on occurring in every paragraph, while focus of the reader goes to the next mistake instead of what you are trying to convey.

Also, one of the key tips while writing is to be as precise and short as possible. Try to keep the posts short to 300 to 500 words and wrap up everything in that. If it goes beyond that, turn it into another post. Keep the language simple and easy to understand. 
And, keep using the preview option till you are satisfied with the final look of your post. Yes, it takes time but it is satisfying when you see the results! Also, when you reread your post, the ideas start flowing and the shape of your entire post changes as it did with me for this particular post!!
Do you read your posts again and again till you are satisfied with it?
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  1. says

    I do read my posts again and again till I am satisfied :) I think a part of the reason is that in my work, I cannot afford to make mistakes and I keep that same attitude in my posts as well!

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