Do you believe in medical examination before marriage? {Your Opinion}

As I said earlier, the girly gossips at office are a mine of information and I get so many ideas for the posts ๐Ÿ˜€ Btw, I was thinking of starting an office gyan section on the other blog in which I was thinking of discussing the office gossip and satires on the office politics! What do you say?
Anyways, coming back to the topic, I have always believed that both the would be bride and groom should undergo medical examination to ensure that any kind of medical problems should be known to both beforehand and the decision can be taken fairly!

And, it seems like the medical examination should be even more mandatory now! One of my acquaintances told me that if the bride and groom both are thalassemia carriers, the progeny of the couple can have the disease and may not live longer than 20!
Thalassemia is a blood disorder in which the red blood cells multiply haphazardly and this can lead to lot of complications! Now, whether the above statement is true or not but it is always advisable to be double sure about the partner.
And, it also seems like there is another disorder called beta thalassemia. Now, I have no idea how the child can be affected by it but it also falls under one of the inherited blood disorders. And, there is always HIV to reckon.
No, I don’t mean you should doubt the other person because HIV can spread via thousand ways apart from physical relationships. It is just a precaution to take so that at a later time when you come to know about any such issues, the marriage is not affected due to prior ignorance.
If you think that it is easily said than done, yes it is. Parents very often don’t support such forward ideas. And, getting an understanding partner who would willingly and without any bias or ego issues, go ahead with medical examination. So, I can only say its good to give it a try!


  1. says

    nice post swati :) wud love the office gyan section for obvious reasons :)
    and i think it shud be a mandat thing to get a health check up before the big step but then indian mentality is not such…they always have ten thousand reasons of not doing it :(

  2. says

    Very interesting topic Swati!
    No i dont think one should go for medical examinations….if one suffers from any disease he/she should not hide….after all no one knows when is our death due date :) But ya to some extent i agree with u!

    • says

      yup true but everything should be from both parties consent and sometimes they might themselves know about their body!!
      regd. he/she should not hide thing, i will tell you scores of cases where people lie about simplest of the things for god knows what reasons!!

  3. ife says

    i am all for it… i wish people woke up to the fact that medical checkup is so important before marriage… many STDs show no outward symptoms and remain dormant… i read somewhere.. when u sleep with one person you are sleeping with everyone she/he ever slept with lol…

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