Blogger Series Vol. 7 – Should you give feedback to your blogger?

This is not for the bloggers but for the readers! So, you all have your favorite blogs and not so favorite blogs. No assumptions over there. But, no blog is perfect. Sometimes, you might have some readability issues or slow loading issues or some other issues with any blog. 

Now, many of the readers don’t even bother to give any feedback. If they like a blog, they continue reading and if they do not, they can just move on! Well, that sounds very practical. But, what if your favorite blogger has some real issues with her/his blog?

These issues can be technical in nature or may be in her/his writing skills or in pictorial representations on the post or may be a lack of detail in the post. The issues can range far beyond what I have stated. So, have you ever thought that by letting the blogger know about your issues, you might help her improve the blog?

Your feedback is extremely important to any kind of blog – big or small. As a reader, you would be doing a favor to the blogger. Now, how the blogger reacts to your feedback is something which lies in their jurisdiction. So, do not take it personally if they do not respond back or do nothing!
Many readers or rather I would say it is a problem in real life that we never think of reporting the problem. We just love to sit back and crib. So, take some action. Go ahead and report your issues. But, yeah, one more thing is do the thing gently and diplomatically because some times your wording may sound very rude, whether you want to or not. 
And, whatever the blog, if it is made for the readers, they would DEFTINITELY listen to you! So, do not be skeptical. Aah..let me also add that please, PLEASE do not expect the answer immediately. Very few bloggers are full time and they might also not get time to reply to your suggestions or in general any query immediately. Please give me them time and if they do not, it is quite possible that they have missed your message as much as is possible that they have ignored your message!
So, how many times have you helped your favorite blogger improve her blog?
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  1. Anonymous says

    so sweet of you to post this… im tired of seeing readers being blasted just because they gave some honest opinion about something or their comments being deleted… some bloggers are so rude… when the comments are not rude and constructive criticism why cant u just listen to ur readers? … rant over… grrr.. :)

    • says

      yes actually it works both ways…some of thr readers are equally rude but yeah both have to work constructively to make this world a better place :)

  2. Niesha says

    I agree. If the reader is a well wisher and gives a constructive feedback then it should not be read, listen but should be worked upon. Very kind person once told me about some technical fault in the blog as i was a newbie then. I was glad that he told me. :)
    But I am still reluctant to tell the same to anyone as some may take it negatively. doesn’t matters how politely i say.:)

    • says

      yeah you are Niesha but it ultimately depends on how the thing is conveyed and in what frame of mind is the person reading…some are outright sarcastic which does irk people and sometimes the people are in bad frame of mind and reading something remotely negative can be taken in a wholly different picture!!

  3. says

    Definitely agree! I have come across some blogs I like, but they take such a long time in loading that I have given up on them! I would have loved to leave feedback, but didnt want to offend.

    But I would definitely like it if someone gave constructive feedback on my blog :)

    • says

      hey Rosh…you are so right…people should know and tell but it is a problem. someone had told me about some scrolling problem in the blog but i couldn’t do anything about it :( sometimes even if we know the prob, we are not able to rectify the prob!!

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