Auravedic Ritual Cleansing Ubtan Mask Sandal Saffron {Product Review}

Auravedic Ritual Cleansing Ubtan Mask Sandal Saffron Product Review

Price: Rs 200 for 50gms

makes the skin silky soft and glowing!
cleanses the skin really well
leaves the yellow tinge on skin!

My Experience

Last time I had reviewed the Auravedic Skin Lightening Mask which was basically this ubtan mixed in oil or honey base as a ready made mask. This product is just a variant of the homemade ubtans and works like a charm!
As you can see, it has all the good ingredients and smells herbal. It is a soft powder which when mixed with milk (that’s how I used it mostly), goes on the skin smoothly and dries up in 5 minutes.
Auravedic Ritual Cleansing Ubtan Mask Sandal Saffron Product Review
and you can see the product gets accumulated at the neck!!

And, then, you can scrub it off. Results? It is not at all harsh on skin and leaves the skin totally smooth and silky in texture. And, the skin glows very naturally. And, the best part is this ubtan can be used everyday, even twice a day.
Now, lets come to its biggest con. It leaves a yellow tinge on the skin, especially the palms, fingers and the nails!! Otherwise, its an amazing product. And, oh, it also cleanses the oil off the skin.
I once used it after using coconut oil to remove the sunscreen and after washing my face with this product (I used only water to mix it that time, not milk), the oil was totally gone from the face. And, the skin wasn’t dry either.
I loved the product but I am definitely lazy to mix it with milk and use it everyday so I have ended up using only a bit of it yet but yes, it is a good product to be tried out!!
PS: Product sent by brand.
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  1. Pranali says

    will try this when my current face pack gets over.. i use Ambe Haldi in my packs too.. it does leave the skin slight yellowish but that yellow stain goes away soon..

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