Again Lemon!

One of the most simple and cheap things you can do to beautify your skin is hot lemon water.
An age-old cure for sore throats, this simple drink is amazing for your body and skin, and ultimately your beauty.
Every morning I boil up 1.5 cups of water and add a quarter of a fresh lemon to it. The fresh scent of lemon invigorates the senses to wake me up, and helps me cut down on my caffeine intake which only dehydrates me and irritates my skin.
There are several other perks to hot lemon water.
1. Balances your pH: Lemons act as an alkaline in your body which helps regulate your pH balance. A disrupted pH can lead to acne breakouts and other skin issues.
2. Anti-Aging: The vitamin C found in lemons helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, as well as blemishes. It does this by purging your body of nasty toxins in your blood that affect your skin clarity.
3. Hydrating: Not only is this additional cup of H2O hydrating to you, but it quenches your lymph system’s thirst. Your lymph system is integral in ridding your body of toxins, maintaining a healthy balance of nutrient and mineral distribution, relieving stress and creating energy. All of these things affect your body’s largest organ; your skin!
If you want clear, radiant, youthful looking skin then add a cup or two of hot lemon water to your daily routine and enjoy the beauty boosting benefits.

Author Bio: Sabrina is a beauty blogging jet-setter who loves sharing tips and tricks on how to look and feel your best via While she’s on the go she writes product reviews and creates DIY’s like How to Massage Cellulite Away.


  1. Anonymous says

    hey swati,

    hope u are doing gr8 well swati i badly and urgently need yr help the thing is my sister may be going to vacation and she needs some powder to apply to the face not a foundation as her skin is comibinational and as it is summer she will sweat very badly. i suggested her biotique sandal wood one but she wants to go for ponds sandal talc now u suggest.

    another thing i need is massage how to give massage to oneself and to others i video will be gr8 even tips will do.

  2. Milly says

    I love this classic beauty tip. I feel it really cleanses my system in the morning. I try to drink it before I start on the coffee! Sometimes to make it more invigorating I add ginger too. :)

  3. Anonymous says

    swati also she was interested in knowing whether which bath salts are good to be used in bath tubs and whether u knw abt any bath salts available in saudi as it will be very hot in summer there. i said i will ask u and let u knw as you are good at all this stuff thks in advance eagerly waiting yr

    • says

      sorry, i don’t know about any product available over there but i can suggest to use a cup of rock salt or sea salt with a couple of essential oil drops likes lavender or peppermint.
      and, i am really really sorry for replying soooooo late!!!

  4. says

    hi swati,
    how are you?? well i knw i have already asked u this but please can u tell me once again from which site we can order lavender oil, jasmine and rose oil i am tryin to follow yr footsteps i hope one day i can look as gud as u are.


    • says

      hey fatima, i know i am really really late but i think i can suggest you azafran brand at naturalmantra. they seem to have organic and original essential oils :)

  5. MuthuAzhagu says

    Hey Swati! hope you are fine… I heard somewhere like having lemon in hot water everyday will help to lose weight. The Above tip sounds good. Willing to try it! Pls Clarify me…

  6. Anonymous says

    I feel little irritated. Lemons are so not my thing. I go for fruits thing. I use Essentials Tropical Fruits Exfoliating Gel and it’s quite good. I like it and it makes my skin look so great.

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