Weekend Gossip Vol. 6 – On turning 27!

Well, I turned 27 few days back. Yeah, that was day when I was in Jim Corbett. The plan was to call tiger and elephant for the birthday party ๐Ÿ˜€ Ok, jokes aside, back to the post.
But, as we age, our skin and health concerns change. So, I thought it would be a good exercise to catalog what changes are necessary from now on. Hopefully, they would be helpful to you too :)

Anti-Aging Skin Care

I have never really cared for the anti-aging skin care yet except being a bit diligent with sunscreen. But, I remember reading about the right time to start anti-aging skin care is in the 20’s and blah blah.
So, that’s something you might see on the blog this year. But, you are forewarned when I say you wouldn’t probably see many anti-aging products! I would still prefer simple and inexpensive ways.
When I was 18,19,20 or even 21, I used to eat anything and everything without any care. But, now, I have become more or less health conscious. So, less fats and more fruits are the agenda but lets see how much I stick to it ๐Ÿ˜€
Weight Control
Well, you don’t get younger ever, right? So, health problems become imperative in life. A little control over weight can ward off most of these issues so yup I shall have to make strong resolutions and stick to them.
Active Lifestyle
Diet, Weight Control and Active Lifestyle are all inter-related. One leads to another. And, anyways, I have always aspired to have an active lifestyle but I do love being a couch potato.
Give me a book and hot chocolate and a blanket and I shall love lying all day long in sofa! Btw, I am gonna do the same right now as well ๐Ÿ˜€
For those interested, I am reading “The Seeds of War” by Ashok Banker. Its his latest and I got it for review. Its another interpretation of Mahabharata and I am loving it.
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    Yup, caring for skin, but more importantly, looking after your diet, exercise and weight, is essntial as you move into your late 20s. Also, weight gain becomes automatic after a particular age, even if you have always been stick thin with high metabolism. So its good to take control of your life and start living healthy.


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