Weekend Gossip Vol. 5 – Back to Hyderabad!

So, finally I landed back to Hyderabad. After reading the post I published yesterday, I realized I had missed out some of juicy news I wanted to share. So, let me start.
First of all, I had the most amazing of the Rasogollas this time and they were made of jaggery and had dates syrup and tasted really awesome!! They just melt in the mouth and I am missing them :(

Also, when in Delhi, I went to Sephora and checked out the skin care range which they had. There is this brand called Bamboo or something which looked promising and I checked out Nuxe as well but both of them are damn expensive!!
Oh, this time my flight back to Hyderabad was Air India and so I went to T3 after like an year and a half and guess what they have Starbucks over there. I was already dying to have their coffee but I tried out their hot chocolate which is just awesome, I say. So, do try it when you get the chance.
What else? I am just so tired that I am dropping dead. I need a good free weekend to unwind completely. But, unfortunately, the coming weekend will also be totally busy for me :(
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    Swati.. you rmention about the roshogollas reminded me of good old days in my hometwon Kolkata. And the roshogollas you ate are dipped in djaggery amde out of dates only. So it’s roshogolla with date jaggery. :)

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