Some Random Product Reviews – Part III

Nyah Honey! I Love Strawberries & Jasmine Natural Handmade Bar

Nyah Honey! I Love Strawberries & Jasmine Natural Handmade Bar Product Review

Price: Rs 200

My Experience
This was a brand which Roshni introduced to me and I got this soap from flipkart. Well, it did sound really exotic but unfortunately it fell flat during usage :( No, its not that bad but its expensive. 

Anyways, as you can see in the pic, it has a glycerin top part and is like a natural bar below it. And, one of its edges has a hard scrubbing side. And, it really is very harsh. I got scratches on my body after using it :(

Overall, the soap was fine. It did not moisturize my skin but it did not leave it dry either. But, overall, I did not fancy the soap much!

Olive Tree Virgin Olive Oil Soap

Olive Tree Virgin Olive Oil Soap Product Review

Price:  Rs 99 (I guess!!)

My Experience

Olive Tree Virgin Olive Oil Soap Product Review
I didn’t know it could be used on hair as well, read it just now :)

This product, I picked up from Ratandeep, a well-known supermarket in Hyderabad! It looks tempting, isn’t it?? Ok, its a solid white colored soap which doesn’t lather AT ALL. But, cleanses really well.

Olive Tree Virgin Olive Oil Soap Product Review

My guess is that it is probably the famed castile soap which is made of pure olive oil which lathers minimal and cleanses really well. Also, it lasts reallyyy long so the price justifies the product.

Yes, being used to lather, it was frustrating to use it in the beginning but now I like it a lot. I would definitely suggest you to pick up some if you stay in Hyderabad.

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  1. says

    hey nice review… yes the olive oil soap thats called castile soap is really good though low on lather. BTW i have started making cold process soaps at home and have made a batch of castile soap :) which is curing right now. it will take another couple of months to be ready for use.


  2. says

    Hey nice reviews Swati :) Sad that the Nyah one was so bad. I really love the soulflower ones :)

    Hey .. I got the Organic Surge face wash and I love it! Its the best face wash i have ever used. My HG now!

  3. nami says

    pictures are looking lovely swati ..even am looking for natural soaps ..i think vl try out NEEV as you have recommended ..sadly even i got scratches on my body from soulflower soap :(

  4. says

    hii swati..i m a fan of your really helps all 2 judge the produts..simply awesome..:)..i m using lotus licorice white skin of now its fine bt some of ma frns are sayin its plz check out the ingredients n help me out..

  5. says

    hii swati..i m a great fan of yua blog..the posts are quite n intresting n useful to everyone..esp mee..:)i came 2 know many facts..i m using lotus herbals licorice white soap..n d description evn is tempting..(A natural soap for controlling melanin and increasing skin glow, LICORICEWHITE contains premium ingredients such as licorice (mulathi) and manjistha in their purest form, facilitating skin whitening as well as removing blemishes.)
    as of now its fine for ma frns are sayin..lotus products are dangerous…plz review this product n help me out..

    • says

      can you send me its ingredient listing on the soap so i can tell you if it is good or not…i don’t think i would be buying the product soon enough coz i have too many to finish right now so i can suggest you on the basis of ingredients only :)

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