Sleep and Skin {Skin Care}

So, having girl colleagues and girl friends can actually be awesome! Oh, I do have many girlfriends but none in Hyderabad so I used to miss the gossip part. Now, I am getting that in extra-servings. That’s getting a little irritating but I am digressing. 

So, one day we were just talking about dull skin and not so good sleeping routine. So, my colleague told me that why the skin glows after a really good refreshing sleep. The blood circulation improves in the scalp and the face during the cleansing process which makes the skin glow. 

Now, if you did not have proper sleep, the circulation is not good and the face goes dull. Anyways, that is also the reason why hair grows well when you have proper sleep routine. Ok, there is another theory which I want to share with you.
Have you ever wondered why sometimes you wake up feeling refreshed and sometimes you feel so sleepy, both after having the same amount of sleep? That is due to the 90-minute cycle of sleep. So, the body goes through all phases of sleep every 90 minutes. And, you need minimum of 4 of these 90-minute cycles (4 hours) for a restful sleep.
If you wake up between this 90 minute cycle anytime, your head feels groggy and heavy. If you had a restful sleep, that was because you completed the 90 minute cycle, that may be 5, 6 or 7 in number. For example, if I am getting up at 7:00 and sleeping at 10, I got 9 hours of sleep which is 6 cycles of 90 minutes. 
So, if you get 4 or 5 or 6 or 7 or any number of cycles of sleep, you will wake up refreshed but if your sleep breaks between this 90 minutes, you would not be refreshed and you would have a sleep hangover almost all day. Also, it is necessary that you should not oversleep either. 

So, having a set routine of sleep helps the body maintain itself. What do you think?

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  1. Pranali says

    baap re swati.. kitne saare spam comments! ur blog has become a spam magnet!! lol
    i always tend to oversleep on weekends.i used to think its contributing to ‘beauty sleep’ but not when i started getting dark circles cos of excessive sleep

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