My Hair Diaries – January 2013

New year and new starts and I have again started taking care of my hair. Again the start was fresh and the first thing I did was chop off my hair to get rid of the split ends and damaged hair. I could not take a pic of my hair this time so excuse the missing pic. 
Also, my 10 days travel had affected my routine a bit and the products I carried were not the regular ones. Also, I did not use conditioner for those 10 days. But, there is one important observation I want to share. 

I have been oiling my hair with fingers or using this bottle which applies the oil right on the scalp. But, last year, I had also mentioned another way of oiling the hair using a cotton ball. Now, I am qualified enough to tell the difference between the two methods.
Firstly, the finger nails don’t interfere. Secondly, more pertinent to the hair fall issue, when I use cotton ball method, it does result in many hairs falling the first few times which many people have reported to me but gradually hair fall decreases. And, what I have noticed was after few weeks, only the very fine hairs used to fall, may be due to weaker roots. But, that also stops after a while.
While when I resorted to the less time taking and easy to follow routine of using fingers or the nozzled bottle, I found much hair fall while oiling and even during combing with a wide-toothed comb. This was something which had completely stopped when I was following the cotton ball method.
Products Used
Ok, don’t bother with L’Oreal Total Repair because it turns the hair really dry!! And, I think Sesa herbal oil is a good one. I bought a travel pack of it which had just 2-3 uses but it did impress me a lot :) I am not gonna buy it very soon but if you are on a look out, its a good one to try. 
Oh, you know what, yesterday the Dove oil bottle BROKE! I know I didn’t even get a chance to try it another time but honestly I am relieved. Now, I know the problems with glass packaging :D It was really messy! And, yes, I am liking Patanjali coconut oil :)

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  1. says

    do review the neev shampoo.. my current shampoo is abt to get over so am in a lookout for a new sls free shampoo..
    also, how would you compare patanjali oil to parachute oil?

    • says

      PRanu, its just the same like soultree…i told you the prob no so its just the same.
      i have never used parachute on my body so can’t compare on those grounds but otherwise its ok and inexpensive which is its USP.

  2. says

    i soo agree with you. using cotton balls is much better than fingers. I have been thinking of getting the sesa oil..but wasn’t sure… i may now try it :)
    btw did you change feeds or something.. i was missing them in my dashboard.. so finally googled u !

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