Just Gossip Vol. 8 – Not Gossip but News!

Ok, this post had started in my mind on quite a different note. You must be already aware of the Hyderabad blasts!! Its a really sad event (for the want of a better word).
I feel what people or shall we say a community of anti-socialists gain by killing people?? Apparently, a terrorist attack message was intercepted a few days back but they could not make sure where the attack would be.

Well, in reference to this incident, I recollected all the past bomb blasts and other terrorist attacks including the famous Kandahar airplane hijack, Mumbai blasts, the previous Hyderabad blasts (they happened when I had just arrived in Hyderabad). They were all sad tragedies in recent India.
On a separate note, I would like to talk about the brave lady who jumped from a running auto to save herself. Why? This also happened in Hyderabad and happened pretty close to the place where I live. She was traveling from one place to another in a shared auto when she found herself alone after all other passengers had alighted from the vehicle. She, very propitiously, had a pepper spray and made judicious use of technology and informed her friend of her where abouts. And, yes, she was lucky not to be in hands of animal-turned humans, thank goodness. She sprayed pepper spray into her abductor’s eyes and jumped out of the vehicle and sustained head injuries but was immediately taken to the hospital where she is supposed to be fine.
Another note, and this one is real good, I received a very huge (wrong superlative) happy news today night and I have no words to express it. I know you will hate me but let this be a surprise for a while 😀 Just wish me all the best wishes you can!!

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  1. Pranali says

    its sad that so many blasts happen in this country.the pm says we wont spare the terrorists but nuthing happens in the end!
    i m gettin so curious to know what ‘very happy’ news u got!!

  2. says

    There seem to blasts in India every six months and the politicians are totally useless in doing anything .. except if the attack is on them of course. Disgusting attitude! I really wish that the terrorists would only target politicians – they might sctually do us a good turn.
    Congrats on your happy news!

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