Have you tried Aloe Vera? {Skin Care}

Yup, I know you would have already used it. I have also been recommending aloe vera since ages. But, today, I am going to talk about my friend’s routine with aloe vera which she is very diligent about.

She is from Delhi and surprisingly she did not find aloe vera plant in Hyderabad. Really, right? Nah, aloe vera is easily available here but she or rather we were too lazy to buy a plant and nurture it.
Also, keeping an aloe vera plant among girls can dry it faster than a rose plant in a desert 😀 Well, obvious, no? Granted that aloe vera plant is quite adaptable but still you get my point! Anyways, coming back to my friend, she got lotsssss of aloevera leaves from home and keeps them stored in the fridge. 
And, almost every evening or once in three days (I don’t know the frequency), she takes a small piece of the leaf and rubs the entire gel on her face for like 30 minutes or so while watching television. 
And, then, she rolls off all the extra pieces or small sticky things present in the leaf which cling to the skin and lets the gel get absorbed entirely. And, she sleeps just like that without washing it off.
Results? S attests to the fact that this is one of the reasons why her oily skin turned normal. She is prone to pimples but fortunately its frequency has decreased. And, as I said, she does this very very diligently!!
So, for all the oily beauties, try this and you might get lucky! Also, for all skin types, aloe vera improves hydration of the skin and makes the skin glowing and really supple!! This is one of the great skin care tips for summer as well.
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  1. Sukanya says

    I don’t have an aloevera plant.. but I have used some products and they have really fared well on my combination skin :)

  2. kanika says

    Using the fresh aloe vera gel directly isn’t advisable. especially the yellow stick liquid that u can c over the gel is very harmful for the skin. you should wash it properly and always use the gel with some water.

  3. Anonymous says

    I used to do this but for some reason my skin started to go red and started getting sppts…so i use the body shop tube of aloe vera gel

  4. says

    I had tried this, but I am too lazy and the watery gel gets me flu since I am too much prone to that. :(
    But what! My balcony is almost overloaded with aloe vera! In fact, we have been giving them away in pots to our relatives!

  5. Nids says

    I try it on & off…mom got me a plant from home last time but not diligent. But one use I have found and it works like Raam-Baan. Apply fresh gel about 20 min before head wash on scalp (not on hair) Can use with oil too. And wash it off as regular. Dandruff vanishes completely. Nothing works like it. My hubby had terrible dandruff problem and I cured it this way. I too use if but I dont really have a dandruff problem anyways.

    • says

      hey Nids….haha, yes, it does work really well :) yup, its great for scalp and hair as well. wow…didn’t know it works for dandruff as well but its hydrating for hair and skin so works in that way, i suppose :)

  6. Pranali says

    i remember using the sleo vera juice/gel directly frm the plant and using it to get rid of tan & it worked so well. i originally had jus one aloe vera plant which has now multiplied to 6..!

  7. Aks says

    I have used gel straight from aloe vera plant and applied on my skin for half hour,
    Then washing the face after this gives a really cool experience, it is very refreshing.
    Everybody must try this method.
    Try using real gel straight from the plant rather than using the products and feel the difference.
    Can it be applied for whole night……….??

    • says

      yes, it can be happened all night long. but, aloevera can also be drying for the skin so make sure you moisturize your face otherwise yes its a very good remedy.

  8. Anonymous says

    whats the harm if you apply the yellow part of the gel? and I apply aloe vera in the night and leave it on my face all through. How can it dry the face when it actually has a moisturising nature. As for my experience, I applied it overnight for two days now. Is it ok to apply it daily and leave it on face, all through the night?

  9. Anonymous says

    i hv very sensitive skin which is oily. i hv lot of pimples. when to apply aloevera and fr hw many minutes.is the yellow gel of aloevera harmful

  10. harneet says

    I’ve just started using aloe vera gel directly frm plant & wanna ask frequency of its use & wen to wash were applied

    • says

      you can use it as frequently as you want, no harm done! that is for hair.
      and, for dry skin, it helps with maintaining hydration but dries out the skin so you need to moisturize after applying it.

    • says

      acne can be due to hormonal reasons in which case nothing can be done to prevent it or cure it, it will just come and go. the maximum you can do is stop stressing about it, that really helps (personal experience)! for the dark marks, apply honey every night on the marks where acne has cured for 15 minutes and wash off. alternate with potato and tomato juice. they all help lighten the scars and also helps with reducing acne. more about acne skin care:

      • krunal says

        what about aloe vera ? will it help ? i have aleo vera plant at home .. ? how long it takes to cure acne and scars using aloe vera.

        • says

          aloevera works for some and for some, it does not! so, you can definitely give it a try. it does take at least 15 days to see results.

  11. Rachel says

    I’ve just read aloe vera gel straight from the plant is good to hydrate ure skin and good for deep lines around the eyes and mouth, so 2day is the 1st time putting it on and I’ll see how it goes, I had 4 plants in one pot, I reported it now I have about 10 plants, so I’m well stocked up….

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