Exercises and Health {Health}

I have come to realize of one important factor. And, that is that if you are regular at exercising from the earliest in your life, any disease you might have developed can be controlled. Be it heart issues, blood pressure, diabetes, PCOS, any other hormonal issues, or any major chronic diseases, the exercise is your only savior. 
The reason I am doing this post is because I have lately seen so many people who try to control what they eat in order to control their weight. Well, a conscious diet a very good habit but one has to remember that exercise is an integral part of your routine. 

You might go for crash diets or leave milk or take to fruit diets or go for healthy diets (which is very good) but all of them can not do what exercise does for your body. Without exercise, your body wouldn’t have proper blood circulation or properly toned muscles or stronger bones. And, these are very important to prevent any kind of diseases in the long run.

Yoga is one of the best ways to regain the body strength. But, how so ever much you want to avoid exercise, you can not do without it. So, do exercise for a healthy life and not just for weight loss. Think that as an added incentive.

The reality is that a person who has exercised all his life reaps the benefits during old or middle ages when a normal person is actually prone to feel the lack of energy. And, here comes one important message for even the thin people who don’t ever feel the need to exercise – you do!

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  1. says

    hi swati i can tell u from my experience that exercise alone or diet alone wont help in cutting the weight. i used to weigh 60 kgs with waist size as huge as 34! NOW I WEIGH 52 :) exercise and diet regulation( not deiting) has helped me. crash dieting helps but only in short run .one tends to gain weight after some time :(

    • says

      hey…yup, that’s what i wanted to say that both exercise and diet control works. i have heard so many people controlling diet but not doing exercises so the post is from one perspective :)
      what exercise do you do????

  2. says

    Perfect post, Swati. You have seen my pics and know how tiny I am and it looks like I dont need exercise. But I have started feeling the effects of lack of exercise over the past year (too much work has left no time to exercise – of course thats just an excuse!) .. I am always tired and fall ill fast. I plan to start exercising regularly again – at least go for regular walks .. I am sure I feel much healthier again :)


  3. says

    I run on the tread mill for 30-40 m and follow it with sit ups and back strengthening exercises and end with proper cooling. on days when is too hot or when i feel lazy i do strengthening exercises and skip running…..

  4. Pranali says

    exercising is imp.everyone knows this but lazy bums like me always find excuses not to do it.its 1st tomorrow & a new month.am gonna set the alarm for 6pm,wake up n go for a walk.need to begin somewhere!!

    • says

      haha….count me in too :) hehe….lemme know if you do wake up tomorrow…i have been waking up at 7:15 almost everyday and that itself is so difficult unless i sleep at or before 11!!!

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