Does oil leave buildup on hair? {Your Opinion}

So, today, I have a very interesting observation to share with you and ask a question. We apply products on hair and claim that even a shampoo can leave buildup on the hair so isn’t possible for even the hair oils to do the same?
Well, why did I think of this? Honestly, it was a random thought and I am not able to think of the context in which this thought entered my head. When I racked my brains on this topic, I came to a conclusion why it might be so.

All the commercially available oils have additives and some percentage of them is mineral oil. And, mineral oil creates a layer on the hair strands so it is quite possible for it to leave a residue. Even if there is no mineral oil, the other additives can leave the residue. 
Now that we have got the commercial oils out of the way, what about the vegetable oils or the pure oils? Yes, I am including all the cold-pressed and organic claiming brands.
One observation is about pure coconut oil. In some post lately (I don’t remember which), I had read that if the coconut oil is freezing in winters, it is pure. This claim is wrong. It is the property of coconut oil to freeze even if it has additives added to it in some quantity.
Anyways, coming back to the topic, I was concerned about all the amazing oils which I use, whether expensive or inexpensive, what if they leave a residue? Well, my answer is the purer oils don’t leave a residue but still it is good to clarify the hair every month.
I love using this ginger infused vinegar DIY. I remember doing this sometime in January or December and will do it in some days again. If you ever feel your hair looks flat even after washing it well, it might be time to clarify your hair.
What do you think?
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  1. Pranali says

    i think hair oil comprising of mineral oil could leave build up and also when ur shampoo is not able to wash all the hair oil..

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