Do you clean your mobile? {Your Opinion}

So, when I was cleansing my face and was about to wash off the sunscreen, I noticed that the screen of my mobile was also dirty and had a layer of my sunscreen and sweat due to the excess heat in Hyderabad. 

Then, I thought that even if I do wash off my sunscreen properly from the face, this residue on the mobile screen can get transferred back on to the face, right? And, make the skin dirty and may clog the pores as well!!
Fortunately, my skin is not prone to breakouts. But, this can be a huge problem for acne prone skin or oily skin! The residue can cause a lot of breakouts on the cheeks and the chin area. So, I took a baby wipe and cleansed the mobile screen. Do you do that regularly as well?
And, this also reminds me that the same thing can happen with the pillow covers as well. The sweat and oil which gets transferred to the pillow at night does transfer back to skin the next night and the accumulated residue can harm the skin over a long run. So, do you change the pillow covers regularly?
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  1. Pranali says

    i am typing this comment from my mobile and am seeing now that the screen is so dirty.. must clean it..

  2. says

    Hi just came upon your site by chance. I like what I see…keep it up. I work with stray animals on Mumbai’s streets so yup I clean my cell with sanitizer everyday…

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