So, How many times have you bought online by now? Well, for me, the count is like around last one year, almost everything was done online. Well, am I fan of online shopping? Nah, I still like the idea of going to shops and checking out things, especially books.
But, things are still easy online when you are feeling lazy. And, now the good part is you have so many coupons which you can use to avail discounts on the websites. Sounds awesome, right? I recently came to know of the coupon culture in US and now its in India!

Anyways, let me recount what happened yesterday. My dad is gonna come to Hyderabad so he needed to finish the hotel booking. And, only recently, I came to know of Couponation. So, I was very happy to direct dad to the site when he asked me if I had any coupons or discounts!
And, guess what, he got a damn good deal on the hotel booking. But, the flight was booked just a day before when I totally forgot to tell him about the website. So, that was sad. But, still I went and checked out the website for what coupons it had and it had some good deals for Makemytrip, Yatra and GoIbibo (well, that’s my favorite of all).
So, that was quite an experience, huh! Oh btw, in case you are thinking you have to waste money buying the coupons, its free! You don’t have to even register which is like awesome coz I totally hate going to a site and getting a page which says fill in your details.
So, have you shopped coupons yet?

PS: This is a sponsored post but the personal experience described is true.


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    Hey .. i know about couponation. But I usually shop from and they did not have any good coupons for that. They just show the sales going on in the site.

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