Cosmedic Lumifast Brightening Face Mask {Product Review}

Cosmedic Lumifast Brightening Face Mask Product Review

Price: Rs 330 for 50gms

gives a subtle glow

bad packaging!
might not suit really sensitive skin
not really inexpensive!
instructions to use not very clear!
My Experience
I have used this product for a very long time (above 2 months) and took my own time to review it. Even now, I would say I am confused. It comes in a really bulky tub which is heavy and has a very narrow mouth so getting the product when the tub is almost empty is kind of difficult. A tube would be better. 
Cosmedic Lumifast Brightening Face Mask Product Review

The product is ashy grey in color and smells weird. It is a thick cream and doesn’t really glide on skin easily. First of all, the instructions are not very clear as to how the product should be used? Is it supposed to be used on dry skin, wet or damp?
So, to clear the confusion, the cream glides on well only on damp skin. And, let me tell you that it doesn’t glide on really smoothly unless you take only a bit of the product. If you take excess on your finger, it will clump on your skin. I apply it on face and neck. 
When on skin, it tingles a lot for a few seconds but its not exactly an uncomfortable feeling. I leave it on for 10 minutes. Now, taking it off is a damn pain. Best way to take off this product is using a wash cloth. The product is so sticky that it makes the cloth also sticky!
And, it takes a lot of water also to wash off. Now, results? I did not really see much of brightening. But, this mask served more as a nourishing face mask which leaves a subtle glow of hydrated and healthy skin. This glow stays till next morning. 
I wish they improve on the packaging and mention proper usage instructions. Also, I felt that it might not suit sensitive skin or dry skin either coz I sometimes found it a bit drying or even those who are sensitive to lactic acid. I found it a bit expensive as well!

Online – Cosmedic Website
In stores (only in Delhi, Agra, Lucknow and Meerut) – check locations here

PS: Product sent by brand. 
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