Blogging Series Vol. 6 – How to design the layout of the blog?

So, layout is something which you would have seen a lot of changes in if you have been reading this blog since quite long. And, I am quite proud to say that I am happy with the current layout. 

I have definitely received many comments saying it is not girlish enough or its too bland and not colorful or some other things. So, let me acquaint you with the first rule of design.
Some Pointers
white background, preferably!
minimal elements
ad placements should be not very obvious
font size should be decent (18 is the new 12)

It is good to have a really intricate design but when it comes to blogs, there are varied kinds of people, who would be reading it, with various tastes. And, it is not easy to make everyone happy. But, the least you can do is come up with a design which would be easy on everyone’s eyes

Readers are fickle. Trust me! If they would not find your blog easy to read, they would happily go to someone else’s. So, try to keep the design layout of your blog as simple as possible with minimal elements
Also, there is an issue of page loading and page speed which contributes to the user interaction in a major way. If your blog takes forever to load, people would be tired of waiting and not open it again!
If you keep a lot of widgets and gadgets on your blog which might be fun but take hell of a time to load, it can make anyone testy. So, try to keep the elements in your blog simple and as less as possible. 
And, also, the design or layout of any blog is not perfect. You can only try your best. There can be thousands of things which can do with bit of improvement. So, always be patient with your blog and learn to play around. And, always remember, things always evolve over time and so will your blog. You wouldn’t get it right the first time!!
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  1. says

    Nice post .. and really helpful tome :)
    I agree about blogs which are difficult to open .. I have come across some such blogs and it sure irritates me! I always wonder why the blog owner doesnt do something about it.

    Hey .. you have visited my blog. Please can you tell me whether the layout is fine or whether I can make some changes?

    • says

      well, i would say most of the times bloggers are not actually aware of that issue and realize that it might be in their hands to rectify the issue…also, there might be internet connectivity issues which might also not open the blog.
      i can only suggest that reduce the elements in the sidebar and footer so as to keep only the ones which are important!!

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