Blogging Series Vol. 5 – How to time the posts?

So, I did receive some encouragement for this series so here goes another post. But, I want to say this beforehand that these series are based on my personal experiences and problems I have encountered as opposed to the blogging rules laid down. For such rules, you can google them.

Now, getting back to the post, this is a problem I have encountered in two extremes – posting too many in a single day or not posting for quite a long time. This is not only a problem of writer’s block or lack of enthusiasm but also a problem of not being able to do proper management.

Excess of Enthusiasm
This is a case which generally happens when you start writing a blog or sometimes when the writing juices are continuously flowing. And, you come to a standstill when those juices stop.

Total Blockage
When writing, in general, passionate writing gets influenced by a lot of factors – your mood, your life, pressure of other works or many other things. And, sometimes, you are just not able to think of any topic plainly.

So, how to deal with either of these situations. You get a feature called Schedule. No, I am not telling you about this feature in this post. When you get used to writing for quite a long time, you understand these timing issues and start using this feature on your own.

So, what is this post about? Actually, I have started another blog and honestly I am not able to write for it even though I want to. So, I have decided that I shall start with aiming for one post per week. What if I write 2-5 posts in a day? Then, I shall schedule these posts till the one post per week condition fulfills for the entire year.

And, only then, will I start scheduling for 2 posts or so on. And, writing even 1 post per week for an entire year is not exactly easy. Anyways, the moral of story is that give your readers a timeline to expect your posts. Giving them a barrage of posts one day and leaving them thirsty for another month is a bad option and it kills their enthusiasm.

Yes, you would argue that you are writing for yourself not the readers. But, ultimately it the readers you find your real fulfillment in!! So, remember to time the posts according to your writing capabilities. That helps in keeping you happy and satisfied as well :)

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  1. Sukanya says

    Totally agree wd u here … :) That ‘schedule’ option is of real help..when m out of town or simply going through a hectic schedule!

  2. says

    Hey very good advice :)
    For a new blogger like me, this is truly a problem, since I have severe time constraint, given my working hours – 12-13 hours a day.
    So thanks for this – I like the idea of having a constraint and sticking to it .. it will build time management skills :)

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