Blogging Series Vol. 4 – How am I able to try out so many products and its affects on my skin?

This is a question which I have been asked quite a lot of times. Being a beauty blogger, I do get lot of opportunities to try out various products and being an enthusiast, I love to discover new brands. Anything which appeals to me, I make a point to try it.

Over the years of blogging, I have found many brands which appeal to me and I have also found out what kind of products appeal to me more and what are mere whims.

Good Skin Genes

I am thankful to both my parents for having great skin. Though, I prefer my mom’s skin a lot more but its hell lot sensitive as well. Mine is just perfect which troubles me with only a few products!
Good Skin Care
Changing products very frequently does wreak havoc on the skin. But, I have a few things in my routine which never change. One of those habits is using oils. I always treat my skin to something familiar everyday so that at least one aspect of my skin care does not change. 
Also, when trying out a lot of products, always keep in mind to change one product at a time instead of changing the entire set. That will ensure you know what does not agree with your skin. 

Also, another thing which helps is being able to judge what will suit you or not. That is where the knowledge of ingredient list comes in handy. Also, when you are trying out natural or herbal products, you should be shrewd enough to make out which brand is merely advertising for its benefit and which brand is actually worth it. 
Another point which I would like to make here is that always remember that price tag does not reflect quality. Some product may be heinously expensive and do nothing for you. So, always try to judge the products objectively and take time in doing so because sometimes we just get carried away. And, the ads and product packaging these days really don’t help there either!

One more point is that I always stay away from the products having actives like retinoids and other such things which can wreak havoc on skin. Once your skin gets used to those things, it becomes very difficult to judge how will the skin react to other products.

Patch Test
Ok, this is something I have never done but this is extremely important. Always try to do a patch test before trying out any product. And, instead of using your inner elbow, do the patch test on the skin behind the ear. Because, the skin on the inner elbow and the face can have different sensitivities.
How do you take care of your skin?
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  1. says

    I hate reviewing products. I’m probably one of those few bloggers who hate receiving many products because I hate switching when my current routine is in fact working for me. I guess this ‘laziness’ and refusal to accept all products somehow help maintain the condition of my skin. but of course, that means I don’t get to try a lot of other products.

    • says

      your skin is very sensitive, right Vivi?? its better you do not change the routine…i so wanna try the vit C serum :) sometimes even i feel lazy to get up and use those products thats why all my masks are lying just like that :O

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