Baby Oil vs Vegetable Oils {Skin Care}

I have been using the regular Johnson’s baby oil to remove sunscreen from the skin. And, in the meantime, I have been searching for a more natural product to use instead of mineral oil. In this interim, I also came to know that usage of mineral oil daily accelerates the aging process. 
Whether that point is true or not, I can not say. But, I can point out one thing that while I was using baby oil, I was not able to get rid of my blackheads. And, in fact, my blackheads were getting worse day by day. The day I started using the coconut oil, I could see them gone soon enough.

Also, I had been using groundnut oil a year back when it had totally eliminated my blackheads. Also, from the perspective of money, coconut oil seems cheaper at Rs 42 for 200 ml. I am currently using the Patanjali one. Whether it is pure or not is something I can not answer.
But, I do have a question which if you can answer, please do so. When I went to the Kama store couple of months back, I saw that they were selling 100 ml or something at 800 bucks which makes it literally 8 times more than the Patanjali one. 
One would say its the quality difference but is the price difference really justified??? I do not know how to react to such difference in prices. No, this is not the only instance either. Anyways, this post is about baby oil vs vegetable oils. 
And, my experience says that the vegetable oil is anytime better than baby oil. What do you say? 
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  1. Sukanya says

    Hey, I am not sure why they are charging so much. But I would like to point out here, I have seen my teachers (senior dermatologists) advising patients to use pure,fragrance free coconut oil in dry skin conditions. By pure, they refer to the one’s which solidifies.Sadly, what we now get in India are not 100% pure(even if they solidify). In a recent study, it has been seen Shalimar, still has the least of vegetable oil in comparison to other brands.

    • says

      you are so right, Sukanya. even with additives. coconut oil can solidify which is not something which everyone realizes. i just wish i could trust the brands easily. doesn’t make sense to buy the same thing in a different packaging at 10 times the cost.

  2. Nav says

    Mineral oil is supposed to clog pores. Perhaps that’s why you didn’t see any reduction in blackheads. For all you know, it may have given you more of them.

    I don’t think any regular coconut oil that we get in the market is 100% pure, and I’d rather not take my chances by using Patanjali or Parachute or something. That’s why I use Roghan Badam or extra virgin olive oil to remove sunscreen/makeup. You could also try Aroma Magic’s Grapeseed Oil. It’s great in summer, especially if you have oily or combination skin.

    • Nav says

      And about the Kama prices, I think besides the reason that some brands are just characteristically expensive (Lush, Kama, Forest Essentials etc.), the high prices could also be because of the fact that they use organic material, and know that people will shell out more for that. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • says

      I don’t trust patanjali for that and i have never used parachute but use it coz it seems price wise a better option. btw, evoo is not a reliable oil even if you are getting the best brand unless mentioned organic because many olive oils are adulterated. it had become a huge issue almost 2 years back and since then i never trusted any brand for olive oil.
      yup some brand are characteristically expensive as you said. i shall definitely try out kama coconut oil so as to check what so different about it :)

    • says

      i won’t suggest parachute for face. i would suggest rogan badam which i found best for all face and body and hair. also, you might wanna check out kama for some products. sometimes, body oils are best to shell money on!!

  3. says

    there was a time when I stayed in the Philippines for about a month and since I couldn’t buy my usual organic products from there, I was forced to use virgin coconut oil. The VCO was meant to be a “dietary” supplement because it had some special minerals in it. Compared to Singapore prices, that VCO was definitely much, much cheaper and yet it’s the best VCO I’ve tried so far. It’s because Philippines produces lots of coconut products and since the source is near, the prices are cheaper.

  4. Shoppingaholic says

    Hi Swati glad that you brought it up. I personally do not find myself spending my money on oils. In today’s date, nothing is 100% pure so I always stick to my basic products like parachute for coconut oil, JNJ for baby oil etc. I am always happy using olive oil to remove my makeup, mustard oil, coconut oil and olive oil for hair and any vegetable oil for body massage. Jiya.

    • says

      hey jiya…well, i can say that forest essential oils were good to use. i wanna try out kama also coz it was looking good. even omved products are good but they are all very expensive!! but, yeah, organic vegetable oils are also great!

  5. Pranali says

    the price diff could be due the method of extraction and purity.. Price factor is also influenced by the brand name.. for eg: if kama starts selling its products for cheap, ppl will start questioning and doubting even the..

  6. ife says

    thank god we still make oil at home….. from drying coconuts and pressing in mill..
    i will tell u an easy way to make coconut oil at home…. just boil the hell out of some fresh coconut milk and u will get pure oil…. thr are online tuts.. :)

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