Weekend Gossip Vol 3. – Trips and more Trips

travel - trip to guwahati, guwahati airport
that was at the airport, I donno why its not coming clearly!! its showing really well on the laptop though!

Wish you a Happy Republic Day!!

You all would already be aware that I am in Guwahati currently and I am staying here till Sunday and then I have another two day stop to make in Kolkatta in between before I head over to Delhi. This is the first time I have ever been to North-East so the experience has been pretty good in some ways. And, I am dead tired.

Yup, I did roam around a bit in Guwahati though there is not much to see here. Then, we are going to attend Republic Day celebrations after like what many years!! And, ya, I do have loads of snaps. The cam didn’t fail me but I realized I am not so good with taking snaps which, obviously, wasn’t a very heartening realization :(
Going across Brahmaputra on ferry is the highlight of the trip which I absolutely loved. We have done it many times but it never gets boring ๐Ÿ˜€ The trip details would come slowly and yes, I have another trip planned as well which I shall talk about after it happens.
What about you guys? How did you spend your week?

PS: This post was supposed to be published on 26th Jan but I had other things to publish before that so let this Tuesday be a weekend :) 

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