Weekend Gossip Vol. 1 – Inkaar – Sexual Harassment or play of Emotions?

*May have spoilers*
I watched Inkaar yesterday evening. Movie is around 2 hours long. To start with, I totally love Arjun Rampal and Chitrangda Singh for their acting skills, looks don’t really lag behind either in my like list. The lady is really hot. 
And, the promos show that the movie is about sexual harassment. Honestly, it didn’t really feel so. Yes, there was corporate politics and other issues but the basic premise of the movie was emotions and perspectives and how things look different to different genders. 

The movie starts with the case itself and the flashbacks go on but they are unobtrusive and take you very gently into the lives of the protagonists. You can feel the pain of a scorned love and you can also feel the helplessness of unnamed relationships. 
You would enjoy every second of the movie. The cinematography is satisfying and editing is crisp. Could have done some bits even more tighter but I am not exactly complaining. The best part of the movie for me was the climax which was very apt and could have been NOT A BIT better. 
Ok, let me talk about looks a bit. The lady is looking super hot in all scenes as usual and I like her hair styles in it. The dude is, as usual, suave and debonair. Also, in the movie, something which you should not miss are the backgrounds of the scenes. They have most hilarious and quirky quotes on the walls, especially, in the toilets 😀 
Have you watched the movie? Do share your thoughts and reviews on the movie :)


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