Take Aways from the Yoga Classes!

My classes are over now and many of you have asked me to write about the poses and asanas. I shall surely do that soon. But, for now, I want to write few rules of exercising and what I learnt as part of these classes.

Breathing is very important 
I am a person who simply forgets to breathe in difficult situations 😀 One thing I learnt is breathing is very very important. Regular inhalation and exhalation helps with tireless exercises especially when you are supposed to hold a pose for more than 3 seconds.
Trust me, it sounds easy but its damn hard!! Also, breathing helps to send more oxygen into the body. That way, you feel less tired when exercising. But, you do sweat equally. So, next time, don’t forget that!!
Regular Water Intake during Exercise
Oh yes, I have never really understood the importance of water as much as in these classes. Sweating during exercises can make you dehydrated so it is very important to replenish your fluids. Always keep a bottle of water even if you are doing just simple yoga. 
Overdoing is so not fun!
Sometimes, it so happens that in our enthusiasm to lose weight, we always tend to over do things. That causes us to burn out very quickly and kills the enthusiasm as well. So, understand your body limitations and do only that much which takes you a step further. 
There is a downside to it as well. Some people might not realize the extent to which they can actually push the bodies. This might not result in rigorous exercise. So, understand your body well and do as much as you can to stretch yourself.
Regularity is Important
This is the biggest problem with any kind of exercise regimen. One has to be regular, no matter what. And, this is something I am realizing after the classes are over :( Whatever you may do, one has to be regular whether you are dancing or into yoga or aerobics or anything else!!
Motivation has to be internal
Coming from regularity lesson, a related point is that motivation has to be internal. External factors can only help you so much. For example, I had said in my earlier post that money can be a great motivation. But, then, there is a limit to any capacity. What you need is to want to be healthy.
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  1. Raaga says

    I agree with ur sum up :) Regularity is very important especially with Yoga.And abt motivation I am emo mostly so I need to do it to keep calm.Either that or I would end up dng emo eating.

  2. Roshni says

    Thanks for these tips related to exercising, Swati. I exercise at home and do not have anyone to guide me on all these things! So really helpful :)

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