Nivea Repair & Beauty Lip Balm {Product Review}

Price: Rs 149 for 4.8gms
keeps the lips moisturized and soft!
stays for around 2-3 hours and even after drinking water!!
leaves a white cast on pigmented lips!!
no prominent tint or anything such!
no spf :(

My Experience

The product is a mauve pink in color with a white layer in the middle. It has innovative dual core technology (sounds so geeky!) with the white layer in the middle helping with nourishment of the lips and the pink coat all around giving the subtle pink tint.

this is my new cammy pic…so much better na!!

Now, the product has one major issue. If your lips are pigmented, you would find the white core leaving white a white cast which makes your lips look like a dead vampire (redundant but you get the idea!). But, if you apply in a thin layer then you can find a subtle rose tint which probably might appear more on the pinkish lips!!
The best part of the product is the decent amount of moisturization it provides. Unlike other Nivea lip balms, this one stays on even after drinking and eating though not in much quantity but the lips certainly don’t feel dry.

click on the pic to enlarge it and read the text!
In fact, a single swipe of the balm doesn’t leave any white cast and keeps the lips hydrated for enough time. You definitely need to reapply it after 3 hours or so. This is a good one to watch out! I wish there was sun protection as well. But, my fav still is Nivea Essential Care :)
PS: Product sent by brand.
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  1. says

    I have pigmented lips so probably this won’t suit me when I go out. But I can use it when at home. Wish they added SPF to this, I could gift it to my mom for application before office.

  2. says

    Hmmm .. I think I will give this one a pass, though I usually like Nivea lip balms. Have heard a lot about Maybelline Baby Lips. Supposed to be really good. Have you tried it?

    • says

      yup, one of my friend is using maybelline one and she likes it a lot!! many people are raving about it…I am planning to get it next but still have two sticks to finish before getting another!!

    • says

      ๐Ÿ˜€ .. I can understand. I think i will buy Baby Lips .. really need it .. my lips are super dry and chapped. Currently, Roghan Badam Shirin is keeping them in control. But Baby Lips will be much easier to apply ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. nami says

    only for three hours,not good enough then…i use body shop and l’occitane lip balms without any need to reapply for the whole day atleast ,even in winters…. so they are quite justify their price…:)

    • nami says

      dats a good cAlculation but i get panic very soon if i had to apply a product again and again so i can happily pay for a product that actually works and lasts forever and moreover its just 250 :)but my lust for these babies is never ending so i will check it out at least it’s PINK!:) :)

    • says

      nah it wont be that kind of pink ๐Ÿ˜€ its just 250??? i remember reading 990 or something for i guess L’occitane but donno about TBS things…btw, i had heard that TBs lippies are not that great…are they really this good??? which ones???

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