Even a Queen needs Maintenance!!

One day Draupadi was basking in the sun. She wasn’t aware that this was the day which would change her entire life and, with her, the destiny of millions of people. In all ignorance of future events or even the present ones, Draupadi was busy daydreaming about the pleasant life she had been living.

Her husbands are on the peak of their fame, they have a beautiful house which was a constant source of envy, her sons are growing stronger and brighter everyday and she herself was loving the power which she could wield over her husbands.
They have come for a short sojourn to Hastinapur on invitation and would soon return. She was yearning to go back to her own house. Somehow, she had never felt comfortable here. Still, she tried to divert her mind thinking about pleasanter things while her husbands were busy in the court matters.
Suddenly, she heard commotion outside. She went out to check what was happening and found two male servants had come with a message to her. She delivered strict strictures to those guards and dismissed them without any ceremony. And, went back to the garden.

She did become disturbed. The guards were trying to say something, she realized, but she had turned them off without letting them say a single word!! She wished she had listened to them. Anyways, she turned her attention to the book lying open on the same page since hours.

As soon as she had just got herself engrossed into the page she was reading, Dushasana barges into her presence. She was outraged and questioned his boldness. He informed her about the dice game going on in condescending accents.

He informed her how her husband had staked and lost her and that she was no more than a slave to his brother and he had come to drag her to the court if she doesn’t come willingly. She was aghast at this disclosure and tried to reason with him but he started dragging her holding her hair.

And, took her to the court where she entreated all the people present in the court with her pleas and rants and everything she could muster as long as her pride would allow. But, Duryodhana asked Dushasana to disrobe Draupadi so that she could dress like a slave.

And, the first thought which entered her mind was “Shit! I wish I had opted for my hair removal. What will everyone think? A queen doesn’t even maintain herself!!”.

This post is a part of the Gillette Satin Care contest in association with BlogAdda.com

PS: The last part of the story is a fictionized version of one of the crucial scenes in Mahabharata. It is not meant to make fun of any religious beliefs or hurt anyone personally or even make fun of the seriousness of this scene. It is just an entry for a contest and somehow this idea came to me because I am still in throes of “The Palace of Illusions“.


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