Dove Elixir Nourished Shine Hibiscus & Argan Oil {Product Preview}

Dove Elixir Nourished Shine Hibiscus & Argan Oil Product Preview at Perfect Skin Care for you
excuse the mess in the background!!

This is not a review of the Oil. I am just putting my forethought on the product depending on my first use. I have not even washed my hair yet so you are forewarned. 

Price: Rs 185 for 90ml
Dove Elixir Nourished Shine Hibiscus & Argan Oil Product Preview at Perfect Skin Care for you
click on the pic to enlarge it and you can read the information on the packaging

My Thoughts
First of all, let me start with the packaging. That’s something which leaps to the eyes. Yes, it comes in a pretty heavy glass bottle with a pump. Glass packaging makes me really and I mean REALLY happy for the price. Pump makes the product apt for easy usage. 
So, whats the issue?? Sadly, just after 2-3 pumps for the very first time, it STOPPED working!!! That was the bad as it is. But, unfortunately, I have more issues with it. Honestly, this looks like a bashing post on the product but I sincerely don’t want to make it so negative. 
I thought this was an affordable version of the Kerastese Elixir but unfortunately it has 73% of mineral oil which gives it a very silicony feel which I absolutely hate. I did check out the ingredients before buying but still went with it. But, the pump thing disappointed me a lot!!
It smells different. I don’t know how to categorize it but the fragrance is not strong. It stays for a while in the hair and later disappears. My main worry with the product is the build up. I don’t know if it creates a build up in the long run. It also has Dimethicone.
90ml is quite a decent amount which you get with the price you pay and for one use, you don’t really end up using much so this would easily last a month or more. Also, I noticed that somehow the product disappears after 2-3 hours of application. 
I had applied it yesterday and then didn’t wash my hair today so applied it again. I hope I wash my hair tomorrow so may be I can update with how my hair feels after the wash. But, for now, I am feeling I would have been better off without this product.
PS: The post is written on 13th Jan, 2013.

PS2: This is my 1001st post!! Woohoo :)
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  1. says

    Im usually not a fan of Dove hair care and i was quite wary of this thanks to the low pricing :p for now im glad i didnt pick this up..will wait fr ur full review

  2. shivani says

    congrats for your 1001st post.i was so looking forward for this review asthis one had argan oil and hibiscus which is really good for hair.but this seems like a let downor just a soo so product.

  3. Coral Crue says

    was looking for this argan oil review and am glad I stumbled in here. glad you highlighted the points so honestly. good review

  4. Prachi says

    Congrats for the 1001 post..swati..I just won Kerastase maybe I will skip this and stick to it..but the bottle’s so pretty..

  5. says

    Whats so bad with mineral oil on hair? I use pure seed oils but was wondering why mineral oils are bad. And why is Rs.200 for oil low?!

    Please update the post was results

    • says

      hi Varsha…mineral oil is supposed to stay only on the top layer and prevent anything else also from getting absorbed. also, it can create buildup on the hair.
      and, yup, good point on why is 200 low!! well, for one, you don’t really get pure seed oils for that less price. and, second, because it does last a long time and these days things have become really expensive and getting anything for less than 200 bucks which looks classy enough is bit difficult if you don’t count parachute and all such products!!

  6. says

    Congrats on your 1001st post Swati! How awesome that must feel!

    And thanks for this review. I have been so tempted to buy the hair fall oil in this range but didnt know how good it would be. I will wait for your complete review before I try this. Please review fast! :)

    • says

      haha…thanks Rosh…not sure if it really feels that huge but yup i can find that I am writing consistently though i used to think i hate it ๐Ÿ˜€ ๐Ÿ˜€

      i shall try to review soon but it will take time :( i don’t think my review would be in favor any ways :( unless it does some miracle!!

    • Roshni says

      Hehe .. I can understand. I read a review of this oil elsewhere and the person really loved it. So maybe it will perform a miracle! But thanks for the review. I will stick to my Trichup hair oil for now :)

    • says

      are yaar….u use trichup??? i have been thinking of use it since so long but every time i buy something else and it gets delayed!!! i have this oil and parachute one and a huge kamini wala oil :(

    • says

      Hehe .. well .. Kamini oil helped you .. so you should definitely use that. I like Trichup .. have finished 2 bottles, will be buying the third one today! Will soon put up a review of it on my blog .. you can read it there :)

  7. DrRashmi Singh says

    i just bought this… :/ .. mixed reviews from everywhere… m not much sad about high content of mineral oil and dimethicone as i am about low content of argan oil… i want a budget friendly argan oil in our country :/

    • says

      haha…good point which i forgot to mention Rashmi…hardly argan or hibiscus extract is there in the product!!! btw, you might want to check out soulflower argan oil but its not exactly inexpensive!!

  8. says

    Hi Swati,

    I was interested in this product after seeing the promotions on their Facebook page and wanted to buy this very variant that you got but now I am discouraged from buying this. I don’t want to burden my hair with this. Thanks for posting this. :)

    And Congrats on your 1001st post!! Keep it coming for us :-)

    And I also wanted to ask you who won the Just herbs, natural mantra and Aloe veda giveaways

    • says

      yup its kind of not that exciting a product if we talk about the quality itself though the entire package looks tempting!! and, thanks for your wishes :)
      yup, thanks for reminding that i have to announce the winners :( i shall do it ASAP.

    • says

      hey Manika…welcome to my blog!!
      haha…i saw that you are going organic on your blog!! you should definitely tell me where you went for gardening workshop. I too wanna go. yup, i didn’t like the concept of mineral oil :(
      well, can’t say about other blogs coz i haven’t read any review of the product except one!! will check them out. yup even 30 min of coconut oil or some other seed oil helps me as well so I am not sure of this :)

    • says

      Hey Swati,
      glad u r interested in going organic. Have been growing some herbs and greens at home, it’s fantastic.
      The link to the website is in my post.

      Following you ๐Ÿ˜€

  9. nami says

    congo swati…way to go :)well the description sounds lovely,hibiscus and argan but i am yet to find my hg hair product,by the way how does it compare to kerastase?

    • says

      welcome to the club…i am also trying to find the hg :) i haven’t used kerastese so no idea how it compares but this feels no different from baby oil, may be just a little thick and very slippery which is totally hate!!

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