Does Coconut Oil make the skin dark? {Your Opinion}

So, I was discussing this matter a few days back with my colleagues. One of the girls said that coconut oil makes the skin dark!! I was quite surprised because a long time back some body had said that besan (chickpea flour) also turns the skin dark!
I was pretty sure that this statement was equally a myth. But, then, I decided to google a bit on it. I did not really find any thing useful!! It just says that coconut oil is amazing for hair and skin and all. I have been using coconut oil for like, a month, now.
I mainly use coconut oil to remove the sunscreen from my face, neck and arms. I haven’t noted any discoloration or pigmentation recently. In fact, my skin has become more plump and more hydrated and my skin has started to glow. 
When I had dry patches, I had hoped that coconut oil would be able to make it fine but that was something I could not achieve but then it was the product which was making the skin dry. Anyways, what do you think?

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  1. Coral Crue says

    No, I really doubt that. My mom’s very fair and her grandma too and they’ve all been dunking coconut oil on themselves since they were kids, my aunt too…So it cannot make you dark, especially the pure kinds.

  2. says

    There was a time when I used virgin coconut oil daily to remove my makeup. It didn’t make my skin dark though.

    But I can imagine how someone might think it can darken the skin. If they use it as a moisturizer during the daytime and forget to use sunblock… :D

  3. says

    I think if someone applies it & goes out in the sun maybe it makes one tan more, or maybe because of the oily texture it makes the skin “appear” dark coz the skin reflects light differently with oil on it..

  4. Shoppingaholic says

    No. I love coconut oil and I reach for it when nothing works on my skin. Coconut oil is also believed to be diminish the blemishes and has cooling effect. My dadi and nani sore by this oil when anyone got burnt.

    Also, besan/gram flour doesn’t have darkening affect rather this is a natural bleach. However, when besan is mixed with Malai/cream, or if you cream alone it does darken the skin tone. It really does!!

    The best combination for getting rid of blesmishes and tanning is curd+besan+coconut oil = amazing ubtan/paste.

    Let me know what you think!


  5. Pranali says

    i’ve never heard this before..
    and besan doesn’t darken the skin. for some 15+yrs i used to use only besan to wash my face & i remember those being the best days for my skin.

  6. says

    i dont know about the darkening effect…but i use it as a body lotion right after bath. it leaves my dry skin very soft n supple . my doctor told me that coconut oil is great exfoliator

  7. Anonymous says

    coconut oil is used by our ancestors years n years,its natural,highly affordale n use of cocnut oilin any form is not harmful to the skin,its amazing as a body lotion too

  8. Anonymous says

    Please i really want to know if coconut oil would be great and not too harsh on chilren’s skin.Also does it brigten skin wen used? Thanx.

  9. says

    so good to see you comment on my comment!!!!!! you got great blog .keep it up. i use parachute oil.which one do you use? i have checked the oil cleansing method.planning to try this weekend`looks kind of elaborate….

  10. says

    hey swati guess what … i stumbled across a tip on how to make coconut oil at home while browsing the net! planning to prepare it at home!!!! check out on e how site….. there is you tube video also :)
    me still to use the oil cleaning method :( will do so asap

  11. Anonymous says

    I m also suffering dark skin problem aroun my mouth, specialy on my chin… can u suggest any home remedy for this???

    • says

      its basically some vitamin deficiency. apply potato juice or tomato juice on the dark skin everyday after cleansing your face, let it dry and wash off. moisturize. it should help. also, use sunscreen in the day!!

  12. Ness says

    Hate to disappoint anyone on here, but I’ve been using it for just three weeks and YES it has turned my skin noticeably darker. In the way it would usually go dark in the summer (it’s the middle of winter here in Britain and there’s no sun). Hence why I’m on google googling it and why I came across this thread. Don’t know why this is. But I’m about to find out…

  13. Anonymous says

    I forgot to mention that the one that I use is organic extra virgin coconut oil. I don’t know if that makes any difference, but my skin does get darker and it’s not the sun that causes it.

  14. says

    I have been using coconut oil for about 2 years now. I use it as an all over moisturiser and I oil pull daily and take a teaspoon daily. My skin has a golden yellow glow? I never sun bake and always wear a hat outdoors and cover up. Although I love coconut oil my concern is that it could be too strong for my sensitive body? I’m very fair skinned. Any ideas would be appreciated.

  15. says

    Hi, I have been using coconut oil for about two years. I oil pull and I use it as an all over moisturiser. I’m very fair skinned. I always wear a hat and cover up in the sun but I have found that my skin has a definite yellow tinge to it. I love coconut oil and I quite like having this glow but I’m wondering is this healthy or could it be a problem? My family have noticed the change in my skin colouring.

    • Anonymous says

      a friend of mine, and she is very fair european , uses coconut oil, and her skin always the same ! I, and i am of african decent, used olive oil and only got darker! After i stopped using olive oil my complextion turned to normal. So i think it must be to do with sun exposure….

    • says

      hey, thanks for letting us with this observation. yes, it is more to do with sun exposure than which oil is used but i guess there is too much conflict regarding this matter :)

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