Cosmedic Alpha Q Brightening Face Wash {Product Review}

This month might be feel a bit full of reviews coz I have received too many products in the last month and I have been delaying the reviews since long!!
Cosmedic Alpha Q Brightening Face Wash @ Perfect Skin Care for you

Price: Rs 245 for 60 ml


Water (Aqua), Sodium Laureth Sulphate, Sodium Lactate, Cocodiethanolamide, Lactic Acid, Disodium Cocoamphodiacetate, Glycerin, Polyquaternium–7, Glycolic Acid, Ethylene Glycol Monostearate, PEG-150 Distearate, Magnesium Aluminum Silicate, Methylparaben, Propylparaben, Parfum
cleanses well
is gentle on skin even after having SLS
may not suit dry and sensitive skin
can sting the skin sometimes
My Experience
I had requested a sample of this product because I wanted to see how a product with SLS would be different. I was skeptical of the product having SLS so I asked them about it. Check out what they say about it.
You are absolutely correct that SLS can be an irritant. However, the R&D department discovered that the majority of the irritation is derived from the high pH of SLS and the negative charge that SLS carries. So, we offer a technology known as Sali-Q for the Active Cleanser and Alpha-Q for the Brightening Face Wash where we both mediate the negative charge and bring the pH to a skin-safe level. So despite the SLS, with our proprietary technology, we find there has been no reports of irritation at all in our clinical trials.
After going through that, my curiosity was naturally piqued and they, very obligingly, sent me a sample. Yes, their soothing face wash doesn’t have SLS. Rest all have it. Anyways, coming back to the product, honestly, I am quite confused.
Cosmedic Alpha Q Brightening Face Wash @ Perfect Skin Care for you

It was a 60ml bottle which lasted me for a month with generous usage which was pretty decent. The product is white in color and really creamy. Two to three dollops lather enough but not much surprisingly. But, the product cleanses well.
I felt, in the starting, that it leaves a film behind but I guess it gets removed with the use of warm water and proper water usage. It does require a bit of more water to cleanse. But, the main issue with the product which I faced was dry patches.
It is dry and cold as we all know. And, my skin is more prone to dryness so any cold makes my skin react very easily. And, the product has alpha-hydroxy acids which might have not suited my skin and made it drier.
I can say confidently that this product was the culprit because I did try discontinuing the product in between and the dry patches used to heal. Also, as soon as the face wash was finished, my dry patches were also gone. So, that was a big minus.
But, somehow, I think that this product would have suited me perfectly in summers. Regarding the brightening claim, I did not really see any changes as such. Unfortunately, there was no improvement in the black heads either. Or, may be there was. I am not quite sure on this count. 
In final count, the product does sting if it gets into the eyes. And, another thing worth mentioning is that it does sting a bit sometimes just like some face masks do but nothing to be afraid of. The product would suit oily skins more than dry and sensitive. I think its worth a try.
PS: Product sent by brand.


  1. Roshni says

    Hi Swati, nice review and looking forward to all the other reviews :D. Just one question, whats the price of this product?
    And I have been trying to leave comments on the other posts, but they are not visible. Is there any problem?

    • says

      hey Rosh…yup, i forgot to note the price…have contacted the PR people…let me know that then I shall update it :)
      and, no trouble with your comments…i haven’t approved any as of now….didn’t get time on weekend so have to do that!!! will do it today :)

    • says

      hi, yup, I use everything on myself and yup, that is a perk of being blogger as well as a big bane!! sometimes, it does :) but, thankfully, my skin is good enough to bear everything :) that’s why you will not see me using anything on the hair 😀 coz it can’t bear all the torture!!

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