Blogging Series Vol. 2 – Blogging on the Go!!

I gained enlightenment during this 10 day trip!! What happened, you say? Ok, lemme recount part of Guwahati trip, the part where maps were of only help when we were doing educated frolicking around the city. And, that was when I realized the importance of an Android-based phone. 
Wait, more is yet to come! And, then, we sat in the bus and the guy started reading a blog. Then, it dawned on me suddenly what I am missing!! I wasn’t able to make time in Guwahati and for that matter in Kharagpur either to come online and put up a post. 

So, I thought what great fun it would be to have a mobile connected to internet round the clock and I can atleast put down my ideas which always seem to come at the most unlikliest of the times. And, sometimes, I just feel too lazy to get up and open the laptop.

Also, probably, I might interact with you all more if I have a portable device which is simple to use. I was of the class of people who deplore this amount of dependence on technology but it becomes imperative to stay with the
advancements when you own a business.
And, blogging is no less than business, trust me!! So, the next on my list is an HTC mobile. Well, BB and Nokia are not android based, Samsung is not high on my list of loves and iPhone is way too expensive and has compatibility issues if you do not belong to the Apple group. 
So, that leaves HTC. So, here are my requirements – it has to have a big screen which is easily readable, clarity is very important, airtel gives 2g connection at 100 bucks a month or something and even with the usage of maps, one doesn’t reach that limit it seems. 
And, the final part of the story is that it will save me so much of time. I can blog whenever I want and I don’t have to depend on the presence of laptop. So, if you are of the class of people like me, realize the importance of being connected. And, the best part, you won’t miss any more mails from the PR’s ๐Ÿ˜€
Oh btw, do you have any model recommendations for me? Honestly, I am not interested in spending a lot on mobile. Its just a device for me unlike the camera which I am totally loving and guess what I learned how to use the shutter priority mode as well…yipeeeeee :)
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  1. nami says

    seriously i need my mobile everytime with me,i hardly stay at home and this pocket internet is must for me to keep in touch with all the blogs i follow and for the daily news nd all but am dependent on my laptop to comment on your blog…htc is good deal if you dont want iphones ..i know a good model but cant recall now

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