Whats up, guys??

Ohk, so, I was missing from the blog for the last 2-3 days!! Trying to just adjust to the new routine and also facing a block so going through a little-off phase. So, I thought I would take a break till Sunday :) See ya folks and enjoy entering the giveaways….Soulflower one is ending on 10th!!!

Oh, btw, I wanted to share this big news that perfectskincareforyou.blogspot.in has changed into perfectskincareforyou.com. I bought the domain from blogger so any of the URL’s would work and none of the past links will break. So, enjoy the weekend :)


  1. Roshni says

    Congrats Swati … :) I did notice that the url had changed and blogspot was out of it. Was planning to ask you about it. Now this blog is whole and sole yours. So happy for you!!! And a perfect bday gift to your blog ๐Ÿ˜€

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