What’s my stand on the Ingredients Debate?

Day in, day out, I receive many queries regarding usage of natural products or how to avoid chemicals in the products and, then, I read so many misconceptions on the ingredients and all. Ok, so, first of all, the biggest misconception is that we think we know a lot about the chemical compositions and we are good enough judges.

Always remember, “Too little knowledge is always dangerous, as well”. Now, I don’t remember why this whole chemicals being bad debate actually start but when I started blogging, even I was taken in with it. Ok, now there is another perspective – the choice of being Organic.
I prefer organic or natural things because they are environment friendly. But, by no means, I continue to support the ingredients debate. There are quite a lot of reasons for that. First, the philosophy of some natural brands is just blasphemous. 
“Your skin absorbs about 60-70% of what you put on it”
Do you honestly think that? I mean, ok, let’s for one instance go back to the basics of why we need skin? Of course, to cover the skeleton and all. And, the other function being to eliminate the toxins and be a part of the excretion process, right? Oh, and also, to keep the bacteria and foreign bodies outside.

So, why would anyone claim that skin absorbs a staggering 60% of what you put on it? If so, why doesn’t water get absorbed by the body? It should, right? By that statement, we should all be bloating externally!! The statement honestly makes no sense and companies which use this as the philosophy does sound dubious to me. 
Not to mention too publicly, one of my preferred brands also claims this. I realized it quite lately but I prefer the brand because I have seen the efficacy of the products and, thus, would ignore such claims. I like natural products and I think I have acquired a bit of knowledge to make a judgement on what I would LIKE to use than what I SHOULD use?
Oh btw, I don’t even mean to say that none of the chemicals are biodegradable. I think before we claim that, we should ponder on the fact that everything including human beings are made up of chemicals. So, we can’t really say no to chemicals. Don’t you think so? What do you say about the Ingredients Debate?


  1. Roshni says

    Waiting for part 2!! .. This cleared a few doubts .. but am so confused by the debate by now that I dont even remember many of my doubts 😀

  2. says

    hey nice post, hit the nail right on the head. i mean we need chemicals to ensure fungus and bacteria dont grow in our creams . i like organic products too, but that is because they work, i will not hesitate in buying products with chemicals if they seem more effective. also i hate the holier than thou stance all the ‘natural’ companies take.

    • says

      so true about the holier than thou thing coz even natural products need to use some chemicals!!! and, not all products which say they are herbal or natural are actually so.

  3. Padmaja says

    Nice post Swati!

    Well, since I have started reading beauty blogs, I have been reading this debate a lot… harmful chemicals in skincare products … freaking out at the mention of parabens, SLS and such …I too did a lil research about certain chemicals when I came across such debates…

    Well personally, I am a sucker for natural products…but I don’t take everything sold as natural to be natural (of course there is a difference the brand makes)… even natural products need chemicals to preserve the product …

    All chemicals may not be good in long run (like silicone in hair products,chemicals in cosmetics)…but freaking out is not going to help … We need to aware about the ingrediants but not think too much about them that we freak out at the very mention of paraben and SLS… I have seen SLS
    being mentioned as something to clean floors and cancerogenic…

    Right now, the only ingrediant I am worried about is gluten which is generally not mentioned in list…any idea about gluten Swati ?

    As for products getting into our skin, I do believe that …how much percent am not aware…but I do believe they get a lil into the skin… So, I think pregnant ladies should check out what they are using during that time and while nursing…

    But generally speaking, we are putting so much into our bodies through the food we are eating, the air we are breathing …hmmm!

    • says

      hey Paddy…even I am a sucker for natural products because it feels nice that i can contribute to environment!! but, not all chemicals are really bad and I think its better to be an intelligent customer instead of a paranoid customer. in fact, i also read somewhere that silicone is really not that bad as much as it has been said. yup, gluten is something which is found in all the wheat based products and very few people actually have allergy to this ingredient…its said to be somewhat harmful just like maida but I am not really sure about the details…I will read up and fill in :) and, that’s at least what’s going inside…what we apply is not as important as that anyways!!!

  4. Pranali says

    i believe that we can’t avoid chemicals.. they find some or the other way to get into our bodies.. i personally like products with less chemicals and generally avoid few like parabens,peg,etc

    • says

      ya even i like products which are natural but being paranoid or making baseless comments without having proper knowledge is not good!!! that would be defaming the brands and their products.

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