Talaash – story of revenge or KARMA?

So, I finally watched Talaash today after waiting for an entire week and having it on my laptop for this long!!! I have controlled myself and worse still, I knew the climax before hand.
But, I was still interested in watching the movie. I know many people said its boring or has a very uninspired climax but I think no other story would have befitted the ending!!
I won’t say I loved the movie but I loved the climax (despite knowing it!!!). Yes, the movie was boring but I loved the concept of how “you have to pay for your actions in the same life” has been portrayed.
There were so many small stories and lives portrayed with all of them having same struggle in life and everyone coping with it in a different way – Rani takes refuge in talking to her son’s spirit, Aamir in his work, Taimur in finding a way out of this life using a short cut and ultimately pays for all he had seen and ignored! Finally, I was thankful that he did do one good at the end even if he lost his life in the process. Its not a movie for me but its a film which has a deeper meaning for those want to look below the surface.
Kareena’s dialogues are amazing!! “Koi chahe kitna bhi duba ho, sahab, tair kar upar to aana hi padta hai” or some such line which I don’t exactly remember but one can perceive it according to their own understanding if she was talking about pain, life or just the bodies itself.

Oh btw, I also watched Jab tak hai Jaan. Its such a cliched SRK movie and its ONLY for him that you should watch it. I love the romantic Sharukh but having Katrina as the opposite didn’t just pan up!! Somebody mentioned her as constipated ๐Ÿ˜€ Yup, when she and Anushka shared a scene, her (KK) expressions were so confused!!
Anyways, I spent my weekend watching movies back to back. Two Vampire Diaries episodes, Talaash, Breaking Dawn, Jab Tak Hai Jaan, Laws of Attraction and I am totally exhausted. I am not even getting any inspiration to write on the blog so I am laying low for a while. Hope to get back soon :) 
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  1. nami says

    ditto …the concept touched my heart.. infact i loved the movie.Its reviews discouraged me from going to watch the film but Whenever reviews badly thrash a movie, I make it a point to watch it in the theatres. Most of the time, I actually like those movies:)I felt that this is one of Aamir’s most remarkable performances, how hard he has worked into becoming ‘Inspector Shekhawat’ and he has truly succeeded
    But of the three leading cast, the one who won my heart is Kareena Kapoor who looks beautiful despite her cheap bright outfits and yes i love that dialogue too

    • says

      and, yup, you are right about kareena looking good even in trashy outfits!!! actually, i had red somewhere that people say kareena is too classy for item songs and how she shouldn’t do them…this happened after that heroine wala item song…i donno about the classy part but she doesn’t fit in that look for sure :)

  2. nami says

    it rarely happens with me but i was really moved after watching the movie while my friends were making fun of me coz they hated it :)

  3. Anonymous says

    hey dont give out snippets of the story by giving away the climax. its really not done.. its a suspense story after all.

  4. Roshni says

    Havent seen Talaash or Jab tak hai jaan. Dont plan to see Jab tak hai jaan :-p .. Didnt read the part of your post about Talaash since I want to see it and dont want to know the ending ๐Ÿ˜€ .. but true about Katrina .. she is so dull, whether in a movie or in her appearances on television. She is like a doll who was not wound up – totally boring!

    Its so nice to be alone and have a movie marathon na??? I have done that sometimes .. once watched 9 movies over the weekend, and was totally exhausted on Sunday night .. so I understand your plight ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • says

      haha…yup yaar….and I am really not feeling like writing which is really weird and I am afraid now!!! what if i don’t enjoy blogging :( I think I should take a break and everything would be fine :)

      even if you had read talaash thing you wouldn’t get anything except concept…i didn’t really write anything much!!! do lemme know when you see it :) and, yup, so right about katrina being a doll who needs to be wound up every time ๐Ÿ˜€

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