Pain or Gain??

Let me tell you how I managed to get rid of his really sexy stubble!! One day, he, himself, provided me with the time and occasion to teach him a lesson.

Mr. Husband (calls from the office) : Hey Sweetheart!! How are you doing? Are you too tired from the day? Or, you ready to go on a date?

Me (just back from office and sipping tea watching Mr. Bond, isn’t he all cleaned up and sexy??) : What?? Date? What’s so special today?

Mr. Husband (reddening on the other side): Uhh…I thought you would like us to go out more often! And, I am getting free early so I thought I might as well use the evening.

Me (smiling to myself for the flattery which comes so un-often!) : Yeah, stop making puppy faces! I can recognize it on the phone, as well. Fine, I shall be ready. Where are we going?

Mr. Husband (brimming with male pride and something else as well) : Well, let that be a surprise, Darling!

Me (raising an eyebrow) : Well, ohk! Make sure you come back on time or you are going to stay out of the house for the next week. You know the drill already!

Mr. Husband (winking naughtily) : Yeah, sure! We shall see how you keep me out.

And, then, I decided to pamper myself and to dress to kill. I have to admit what ever faults my husband has, he is a busy man and his effort to take out time for an unplanned date must have been going on for months in his head. But, he also has a downside and that’s the habit I wanted him to get rid of.

I had to make full use of this occasion to get what I wanted and I had hit on the perfect strategy. Remember, who waits patiently often gets what he wants. And, almost after an hour, bingo, he was back on time for dinner. Sure, that was surprising!

Mr. Husband : See, I came back on time. And, wow, you are looking so amazing! 
Me : Good for you. Now, go and get ready!

Mr. Husband: What, why??? I am looking fine.

Me (talking sexily) : Well, if I am looking so sexy, I want my husband to look equally awesome, right?? Please get ready for me.

Mr. Husband : Come on, you know your husband is sexy enough to make women drool on him even when tired from a day at office. I shall just refresh myself and then we shall leave.

I give up!! I know him. No, he is not the one to think about his looks but he definitely is lazy enough to not bother with all the frivolities. I wish I could make him realize that how I wanted him to make special efforts to get ready. No, its not for someone else but for us.

But, some things just don’t enter a man’s head. Anyways, he was ready after like 20 minutes. And, boy, he does look awesome even with that sexy stubble. I could kiss him right away and forgo the date for dessert *naughty wink*.

So, we went out for our date and had really amazing food in one of the most romantic ambiances of the city. And, I knew that the night was going to be really special and steamy. I was already feeling guilty for spoiling it. But, I had to do it.

After dinner, we went to our special place and had the most amazing desserts and relived our dating days. We had not talked like this for few months now and now we felt as if time had turned back.

We went back. Kissing started right as we locked our main door and the bed wasn’t exactly far enough. Everything was perfect and I wanted it to go that way.

He has a strange fascination to my feet and he always kisses them. Yes, it makes me feel special but, today, I was not feeling so special coz I knew that in sometime our night would be ruined.

He kissed my toes and then heels and then the ankle and then started towards the calf muscles from the shin bones.

And, suddenly, something stung his lips. Ooh…they are really soft. I love kissing them and I felt, instantly, I should pull him back. But, it was too late. He tries kissing my legs again and again it stung his lips.

He said you have ants on your body and that made me burst out laughing. I was like are you crazy? He was like something stung me on my lips. He tries again and same thing. He switched on the light. And, there it was – the moment of truth.

Mr. Husband : You didn’t shave?? 

Me (guiltily) : Yeah, I didn’t have time so I thought I would leave it like that. And, you always keeps on saying its sexy so I thought you wouldn’t mind. 

Mr. Husband (bursts out laughing) : You didn’t think anything like that. I know why you did it. You don’t like my stubble so you wanted revenge, right? Fine, I am sorry but you know its really tiring to shave and get ready and then again go out. I am sorry. 

Me : I know but I wish you would make some effort for these special days. And, I couldn’t think of any other way to pass you the message. 

Mr. Husband : Well, I totally loved the way you passed the message. And, the night continues…

And, we lived happily ever after. Yup, that was the end to all my woes. Ok, not all times but he did make some efforts at some special times and I was just glad for that. And, his stubble is there on all the other days which I don’t find particularly annoying. How did you make your man get rid of that habit?

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  1. bebeautiful withpunam says

    amazing .. super funny
    i was nt expecting u to write this .. i thought there will be writers name down there
    but i thing every 1 is write u shud write stories

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