Motivations for Weight Loss {Health}

So, what do you think are the best motivations for losing weight. Yes, marriage or engagement can be one of the biggest motivations. Another motivator is bad health. But, what about those lazy people who can’t seem to haul their butt off the couch and do some exercise. 
Trust me, I belong to that particular set of people. So, I thought may be this post would be useful where I would like to put down some, may be, very obvious points regarding the strength of motivations. 
Yup, joining an exorbitantly high priced place can become a big motivator!! Yes, there are a few hiccups. Is the place or activity worth that cost? Ok, after I pay, what if I get bored? Worse still, what if I am not able to handle the exercise regime? Or, even worse, what if I am so lazy that money doesn’t stay any more in my priority list? Well, honestly, I don’t really have answers for it.

If you join an exercise regime which is different every day, that can act as a huge instigator for the exercise regime. Because, you tend to think what you are gonna expect today. Unpredictability is the probably the best motivator for anything in life. Life itself is like that!!
Ya, I know its obvious. But, sometimes, a person may not be determined to lose weight but a person may be determined to push themselves more to learn new things. Wanting to push the limits of your own body is, often, a puzzle for a human so may be wanting to do things one has never been able to do might act as a motivation.
Healthy Comparisons
Honestly, I am against comparing yourself or thinking negatively but there is another perspective to this attitude. You might be competitive but competition pushes you further in a positive way, you might hold comparison with another in a healthy way to help yourself be better than yourself only.
Well, those are the motivations which I think work!! What do you think? Do you think there is any other powerful motivator to lose weight?

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    • says

      by dieting i mean healthy eating..avoiding the fried and junk stuff.. =(( even i try to be active but my lazy ass doesnt like that…lol but i am seriously trying my level best these days!! hope to see some results in the coming months =)

    • says

      yeah i meant that only ๐Ÿ˜€ I eat even a lot of butter and cheese and all that though I go less on junk!! its so difficult to control and you get the best of them only when you are dieting. i eat lot of potatoes too :)

  1. Roshni says

    Hey Swati .. I think I have mentioned this before. The best motivation for exercise would be if it is something you like to do. Like I love dancing, so any exercise which involves dancing would motivate me. In fact I have downloaded many dance oriented exercise routines from youtube and do them at home :)
    Of course, laziness is very hard to fight. The only way I can think of is to incentivize yourself. After achieving each target, gift something to yourself or better, make your better half gift you something :)

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