Just Herbs Giveaway [CLOSED]

Just Herbs is giving away a customized gift hamper worth 1000 Rs to one winner who will also get a free consultation from Dr. Neena Chopra, the founder of Just Herbs. Just two mandatory entries – verified subscription and answer a question on how Eco-friendly you are.

Ok, for answering the question, let me make this clear that ONLY the valid answers would be considered for the random selection!! And, we are not interested in knowing what natural products you use but HOW YOU TRY TO PRESERVE THE ENVIRONMENT.

And, please note that when I am validating the entries, I find a lot of entries from the same computer or IP address which is strictly not allowed. Also, please make sure your subscriptions are confirmed otherwise its a futile work for me. I am definitely checking all the entries.

PS: And, if you are reading the post from email client, please log on to the blog to participate in the giveaway. Wait for a few seconds while the form loads.


  1. Anonymous says

    hey, u must understand not all ppl can afford to hv individual pcs.
    a group of friends can share a net connction to save costs. its sad u r into this kind of censorship.
    anyways, ur opinion. the unsubscribe button is open to us as well.

    • says

      hi..I am sorry if you find it a censorship…i do understand the issue but that also ensures duplicity from one person…one person may create multiple accounts and enter the giveaway and it happens a lot of times as well…we bloggers have to be careful…if you are interested in participating, you may link it to valid facebook profiles and send me friend request so that I can make sure that the emails are not created from one person.
      and, if you feel unsubscription, you are more than welcome to do it, I would be sorry to lose a reader but I do expect my readers to be interested in the posts as well as the giveaways both.

    • Anonymous says

      ok.. there r other ways than ip address to chk duplicity. anyways, while we can link it to fb profiles, its not always ok to send frend rqsts as many ppl r guarded abt their privacy. i dont think forr a giveaway someone wld compromise on that.

      and its nice to know that u are sorry to lose a reader, but ur other “readers” like va feel it doesnt matter. while ur posts r gud, and r read, such problems do away with the simplicity of ur giveaways.

      and just like its upto u to decide wat u want from ur blog, its upto us to decide which ones to follow.

    • says

      i appreciate ur point of views and each to his own but do not unnecessary bring and malign other’s names!!! and, if you had that much of cheek, you could have included ur name as well. it would have been more nice to know you had more guts than do things instead of using the excuse of privacy and such things!! and, please be more than welcome to safeguard your privacy.
      and, yes, i would also love to know more of the other ways you are talking about…please fill me with your sea of knowledge!

    • Anonymous says

      Pls get ur info right before pointing fingers at your readers. It was your other reader who pointed fingers at me, and hence I had to. If you had the guts to see fairly, you would have noticed that. Your other readers do not have to act cheeky, and reply to my comment which was directed to you, not them… if they think they can malign any other reader on your blog, and address them thru their comments, we have the right to reply ! Or is that another kind of censorship.

      And yes, I can also write a name like BR instead of Anonymous,.. it still does not reveal anything. Its not a matter of cheek at all.. its to avoid any bias on entry, but I guess you wont realize it.

      As for the other ways… you can have fb logins ( without having to send unnecessary friend requests ). Fb already has resolved the matter of duplicity of accounts, so the minute you ask for someone to link it to a fb profile, your duplicity problem is solved.

      And next time, pls judge fairly if at all you have to judge.

  2. Roshni says

    Done Swati … you are having a lot of giveaways .. a great way to celebrate your blog’s bday :) … Hope you are enjoying the giveaways as much as we are ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. says

    thank you swati , i appreciate your kindness in doing these giveaways and posts about skincare and beauty . plz keep it up and don’t worry about the people that unsubscribe . “) happy holidays !

  4. nami says

    hi thanks for putting such a nice question and reminding Conserving the environment should be one of our priorities!now i will feel guilty if a product I buy has full blown plastic packaging..atleast we should do our bit

  5. Revathy says

    done Swati.. didn know this giveaway was on only.. my bad!

    sweet n simple one.. fingers-crossed to win ๐Ÿ˜€

    – Revathy

  6. says

    I think I am the last one to participate. Nevertheless, this is a unique contest. Thanks for hosting this lovely giveaway and for asking a question based on preserving the environment. Wish you continued success.

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