Just Gossip Vol. 6 – The New Year Project 2013

So, here is me and my blog wishing you a very very happy new year!! I wish the new year brings you a lot of happy celebrations and a new life :)

And, I have a project for this New Year :) Would you like to take part in it??? If yes, then you just need a jar or a box kind of stuff and lots of small papers and good pens :)
Everyday, each time, you learn something, you find something to make you happy, you do something worthwhile, anything you would like to remember, anything which made you smile, anything which touched your heart, anything you want to talk about, write it in a piece of paper and put it in the box/jar.
At the end of the year, we shall open the box and read all the pieces and share ones which are good enough to be shared :) What say??? Would you like to join in?


  1. shivani says

    i have heard people doing it but never gave it a thought of doing it myself but thanks to you i’ll be doing it.have a nice and wonderful new year.

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