Just Gossip Vol. 3 – My Yoga Classes and changes in my Body!

So, why I have not been regular on the blog is because I have joined artistic yoga by Bharat Thakur. Now, don’t ask me how they were in the starting because I was literally dead in the first week ๐Ÿ˜€ Second week was scary as well but a little less scary!!
Now, third week has commenced and I was down on Tuesday so I was in a dilemma to continue or not. Anyways, that’s for another post. I wanted to join some activity which would keep me healthy and help me test my body limits even more and this came. 

Man, abs exercises are killing!!! Anyways, I want to just list down how my body has changed in the past few weeks. Btw, these classes are for an hour and only on the weekdays. They will end in January and I am tensed how will I keep up. Because, right now, the compulsion and community is working as a motivation.

How my body changed?
  • I lost weight, of course!!
  • I have more energy, I am less tired and more active. 
  • I am happier. 
  • My body feels lighter. 
  • I have surprised myself by doing some things which I never thought I could do.
  • I sleep really well.
  • I sleep early. 
  • And, I am getting up in the morning at right time!! And, without feeling groggy or anything.
  • The best part is even now that I am down, I am finding that my periods time is going on a lot smoother. 
  • Another great thing is that my PMS was literally non-existent!! Yes, there were mood swings but not as intense as past few months. 
  • I am less stressed out and probably my productivity is better (not sure though)!
  • I am more positive in outlook and I have a positive aura. 
  • Now, whether my skin is glowing or not, I don’t really know!! 
  • My blood circulation has definitely improved. I can feel more blood flowing in my head. 
  • I am feeling more hungry, enjoying the taste of food and I am a lot less negative in outlook.
  • This is the first time I have ever joined such classes and that’s one thing which has made me happy!
  • My head aches are a lot more in control now :)
  • My body is so much lighter!! I can find more agility in my body as well :)
These are a few things right now I have noticed in myself which is making me very reluctant to not continue the next month but, honestly, there are financial considerations as well so I am kind of double-minded about it. I will probably try out something else!!

PS: This post is written on 19th December, 2012. 

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    • says

      haha…why you sad?? i know it sounds like work but yes it really helps!! or, you can do any activity which you can continue everyday!! dancing or aerobics or anything like that!!

  1. says

    hey swati, i really think you shd continue, its just a suggestion. Seriously workout is really good for body. As far as financial matter is concerned,you are earnings

  2. says

    I can imagine how you are feeling Swati. But I hve a request – can you give us a brief idea of the training you undergo in the yoga classes so that we can practice the same at home? I too feel tired all day ya! So pls help us too. :)

    • says

      Type in the name of the asanas.. google will help us with the rest. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Btw I was thinking of enrolling.. how long have u enrolled? And I have heard the fees are exorbitant.. is that true?

    • says

      haha…yup, the asana names would help but the prob is they don’t tell us the names…they just demonstrate and give instructions on how to do it so I will talk about the ones which they repeat time and again and probably I could write the instructions :)

      i enrolled on 5th dec after taking two trial classes…yes, it is exorbitant definitely, for me atleast!! its like 3k for one month of classes and if you miss even one class, you can’t extend the end dates :(

    • says

      Hmm it’s quite expensive for sure.. and I really dont understand why we Indians are charged soo much for something that’s a part of our lives.

      U cud check Bharat Thakur’s website for images also.

  3. Raaga says

    I used to go to yoga class and luvd it there :) But after I stopped I am more into HIIT.Not patient enuf to do yoga do it once or twice a week now to stretch and relax my muscles :)

  4. Roshni says

    Wow .. a lot of positive things in just 2 weeks .. so you should definitely continue! But if financial considerations do not allow that, please continue at home. I know without classes to attend, there is no motivation to do it on time and that too everyday. But given how positive it has been, I do believe you should motivate yourself to continue at home.

    • Roshni says

      Well .. join dance classes ๐Ÿ˜€ .. else download dance, yoga or other exercise videos and dance to those during the time that you normally go for yoga. Hopefully, that will help you stick to exercising during that specific time period.

    • says

      hehe….already my routine is all hay wire again and I can feel that my body is getting back to that lazy mode :( just coz I don’t have binding any more, I am getting late at office and everything is here and there!!!

  5. Pranali says

    i have been wanting to join artistic yoga by Bharat Thakur for so many months now! I used to watch his vids on you tube!

  6. Revathy says

    awesome Swati.. so many positives i something to be really proud of..

    true the fees is exorbitant… :( i chkd with them last week only…

    i completely accept wit all of ur points.. i went to art of living yoga classes for a week… 2 hrs a day..

    in a week i could see drastic changes for good in the body.. self-motivation is the problem for me.. :(

    kudos gal… was eagerly looking fwd to this post.. ๐Ÿ˜€

  7. says

    I know without classes to attend, there is no motivation to do it on time and that too everyday. But given how positive it has been, I do believe you should motivate yourself to continue at home.

  8. Anonymous says

    hey Swati, this is cool pls do a post on what asanas they teach and how many reps etc, will replicate the same at home – 3k is expensive … akhila

  9. Anonymous says

    hey y isnt ur onion juice section not working . there r no new posts since long time . hope there is no probs on my side tht m not able to c.

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